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2131 Central Ave., 704/313-4430, www.centralstationcharlotte.com HOURS: Daily 5 P.M.-2:30 A.M.

COST: Membership $8 (must apply in advance in person; 72-hour waiting period for approval)

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It doesn’t get much more casual than Central Station. The bar bills itself as a gay/lesbian/ transgender hangout with the strongest drinks in town. Both claims to fame are truedepending on the night. Most of the bartenders do pour stiff drinks, but it can be hard to find a lesbian in the male-dominated crowd. It’s more of a hangout than a club, as evidenced by the video games and pool tables (and frequent pool tournaments). The weekly drag show, Queen City Cabaret, takes place every Tuesday night and is worth checking out.

1732 Massachusetts Anglicans attempt to disestablish the Congregational (or Puritan Durham Subway Map ) Church. Although the attempt fails, the fact that it is made at all indicates Puritanism Durham Subway Map ‘s grip is weakening over colonial society in New England. 1733 Parliament passes the Molasses Act, which has little effect on Massachusetts’s burgeoning merchant class. Designed to protect West Indian sugar planters and distillers from competition with non-English sources, the act places taxes on rum and molasses in an effort to enforce mercantilism. The act is enforced only on a limited basis, and foreign products continue to pass through Massachusetts ports. Massachusetts sea captains devise a number of ways to avoid paying customs duties on goods shipped around the Atlantic.

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