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2.590.000 acres. Located just south of the Arctic Circle, on northwest Alaska’s Seward Peninsula, this isolated National Preserve protects part of what was once a land bridge connecting North America with Asia. Access is mainly by air taxi.

No facilities are available, so total self-sufficiency is required. Temperatures are above freezing from late spring to mid-fall. The sun is up for about 22 hours of the day in summer.

It’s a relatively flat area of tundra with some rimless volcanoes and lava beds, lakes, streams, and hot springs. Wildlife includes grizzly bear, moose, wolf, fox, and marine animals such as whale, walrus, and seal.

Activities: Backpacking and hiking are possible here, but the preserve has no trails. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are available when there’s adequate snow. Hunting and fishing are permitted.

Camping Regulations: Camping is allowed without restriction throughout the preserve, as are campfires. No permits are necessary.

For Further Information: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, P.O. Box 220, Nome, AK 99762.

Nicolls issues the Duke’s Laws. The Duke’ Denver Map s Laws allow for town government and broad-based tolerance for all Protestant denominations. The new Denver Map proprietors, Carteret and Berkeley, draw up the Concessions and Agreements, guaranteeing a general assembly and freedom of trade and conscience at least for Protestants. Meanwhile, the Dutch town of Bergen is allowed to keep all of its institutions and local officials, as long as they take an oath of allegiance to England. 16671670 A group of Barbadian planters purchases large tracts of land in Bergen County and brings in a substantial number of African slaves. 16731674 A Dutch fleet occupies New York and New Jersey, with relatively little impact on the lives of the New Jersey colonists. When residents of some of the towns petition for confirmation of their rights, they are told that they have the same rights as Dutch citizens, including liberty of conscience and the right to own their lands peacefully. A 1674 treaty restores New Jersey to the English.

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