Hey guys, this is going to be the best morning of my life because we’re at Cadbury no-kill factory my favorite type of chocolate bye to their chocolate bars.

I mean here crunchy. And caramel oh my god please don’t doze aren’t. So good those are.

NEW ZEALAND GODDESS Lake Ohau Photo Gallery

So good now you’re joking, you oh my goodness what is this Birmingham in England there’s a whole town anyways we’re about to go inside. And do our chocolate tour. And unfortunately.

I can’t bring, you guys with me. I’m like here the candy shop right now the cool stuff is gonna get. I’m gonna get pineapple up Cadbury Creme Egg every lipgloss get right here cookie a carton of a go Rice go hey guys.

So we’ve stopped off a Baldwin Street. And it says the steepest street in the world what is it yes it is, it’s the steamers in the world there’s signs, it’s tell me. So, you guys racing go go go go.

We’ll see how far they go there’s a prize for whoever makes it at the top first why do we do this right after the Cadbury chocolate factory, this is such a bad idea. So we stopped the lights on our way out of eating it at this place, but there’s boulders hey guys. So we have arrived at Lake ohhohh as, you see behind me wow it’s.

So beautiful mount cuts over there if you remember last time. I was here. I was on the other side mountain range, it’s a bit of a different view, but still absolutely stunning, this is my favorite part of New Zealand they’re probably the country.

And we’re actually really lucky cuz we’re seeing bright. And launched up there Paul ah, you look like a goddess you. So do, you know.

I know, you should do no. I don’t know. I have to retie, it’s falling down anyway anyways hey guys what’s up, you probably noticed.

I’m in a toga yes drove a toga party cuz our last night on the tour, it’s a big group. And we’re just chilling outside like oh oh ha ha’s we look fantastic. I know, it’s really actually cuts at because we’re all leaving tomorrow, but been on tour for 15 days well some of us.

I’ve been only for 13. And some like 10. ?

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