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Pallant House was built at the start of the eighteenth century Hyderabad Metro Map for the Chichester merchant Henry Peckham, and it is now an art gallery containing a splendid collection Hyderabad Metro Map of twentieth-century British art. Turn left into East Pallant, another street of attractive houses of which my favourite is the yellow-painted East Pallant Cottage, then pass the end of Baffins Lane and go straight into New Town, following this road to a T-junction with St John’s Street. Turn left and follow St John’s Street, passing St John’s Chapel which is to your right.

Built in 1812-13, its features include a gallery and a huge three-decker pulpit, and although it is redundant as a place of worship, it is often open to visitors. Follow the street to the end, turning right into East Street and shortly left into East Walls. Until recently, the Shippams factory was situated here, and the old factory buildings line the left-hand side of the street as you begin to follow it.

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