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Hola, from the north of Argentina, a region which is famous for its wine, its food, and its red mountains. We start this whole trip here in Cafayate, which is popular for its wine. And this is why I came here by bike, not only to enjoy an exceptional view to Cafayate, but also to enjoy some wine. Because, we are here on a winery called La Finca de las Nubes and we’re going to try a white wine which is Torrontés. Salud! Mmm. This is how the north tastes like, fruity and kind of sweet. I like it. So now, I am in the place which is most popular for this region, which is called the Quebrada de las Conchas.

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And I’ve got this bad boy with me to show you some aerial footage of these crazy rock formations here. The Quebrada de las Conchas is a deep canyon which was formed by the Rio de las Conchas about million years ago. The Valles Calchaquies are just incredible. I mean, we just walked up here, this little hill here. And look what’s around me. We’re now entering the amphitheatre and apparently, this has a really good acoustic. About % of what the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires has. You can hear it. This is our last stop, the Devil’s Throat. The next spot I’m visiting is called Purmamarca in the region of Jujuy. And the reason why you should visit this place could be the handicraft market in this really cute town, but it should be the Seven Colored Hill, which is part of the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Good morning guys, it’s currently, and now I’m on the way to a viewpoint to see the sunrise on this multicolored mountain of Humahuaca. Up there somewhere, is the viewpoint.

And this is the village. And you see already, the multicolored mountain. It’s going to be fun. The unique color range of the Cerro de los Siete Colores is the product of a complex geological history including marine sediments, lake and river movements, elevated with the movement of the tectonic plates. Beside observing the sunrise, I recommend doing this km walk around the hill to explore the surrounding peaks, which are also very impressive and colorful. And the third destination on our trip to the north, is Salta. If you visit Salta, you should definitely check out the historical old town. Salta is nicknamed La Linda (The Beautiful), and is popular for its old colonial architecture and tourism friendliness. And of course, you should try the Salteñas. Next stop is the cable car ride to Cerro San Bernardo where you can enjoy the best view over Salta. The north of Argentina is definitely worth the visit. Go see for yourself and take my travel guide with you, where I sum up all my tips and recommendations for places to eat and places to stay. If you haven’t already done it, make sure to comment to this blog to keep traveling the world with me every Thursday. Saludos and see you soon!

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