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Melanie and the manager continued down the hallway as Bev and I headed in the opposite direction to the back room with the boarded window. This is the area that initially caught our attention earlier. We stood silently for several minutes taking in the small quarters. It looked much like the other chambers, though the walls seemed to have considerably more graffiti.

Did a man jump to his death from this boarded-up window?

Standing quietly, there was a certain sense of anticipation. Bev and I have no level of sensitivity. It’s not like we usually walk into a room and automatically know if there is a spirit present. I’m not exactly sure what the two of us were expecting but whatever it was eluded us.

After a few minutes, we rejoined Melanie and the manager who were going to the basement. The four of us traveled precariously down the worn, uneven steps into the damp, musty, coldness below. Heavy wood beams were interspersed with stone and brickwork, revealing the hotel’s original foundations. Lights cast deep shadows in the farthest corners and reflected off the fine tendrils of spider webs giving them an almost ethereal luminescence.

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