Zanzibar US Map & Phone & Address

One Boylston Place, Boston; (617) 351-7000

At the other end of the dance club alphabet from Avalon, Zanzibar in the alleyway behind Remington’s in the theater district is one of the veterans of the Boston club scene. Its two floors offer you a choice of dancing on the spacious floor or watching the dancers from above. Admission is $5 Wednesdays through Saturdays.

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Very carefully I hooked the bunch of keys lying on the sink draining board and drew them through the skylight. Success was greeted by a polite round of applause. Alternative plans to connect the Union Destination with the Forth & Clyde Destination, mooted by Robert Stevenson and ttomas Telford, were to carry it on to the Wyndford lock on the F & C Destination, but several locks would still be needed and another big aqueduct across the Castlecary ‘gap, as well as cutting more miles of travel destination. here’s an element of sadness in the disappearance of the splendid flight down to Port Downie. Which, of course, set a big problem over linking the two travel destinations again. Reinstating the original line was no longer practicable: roads, buildings and a town’s infrastructure ruled that out. So what was to be done? tte answer was bold and ingenious – the Falkirk Wheel: a rotary boat lift which would simply pick up a boat from the higher level and gently lower it to the basin below (or vice versa). To make room for this the Union Destination was extended; so, after a look at the spot where the flight broke off, we can push on for the unique Falkirk Wheel. Continue to a Y-junction of the travel destination: the short section left is the original ending of the Union Destination (an 1823 extension, Port Maxwell, from which passengers walked down to Port Downie – it could take many hours for a boat to descend the linking eleven locks). tte right fork, the new continuation, is another MM creation, Summerford Aqueduct, which strides across a road twisting up underneath (the road climbs up to the monument on the site of a 1746 battle, of which more later) and heads on westwards.

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