Public Holidays

New Year’s Day: 1st January

Chinese New Year: 1-3rd day of 1st lunar month, usually late January or early February Qing Ming Festival Tomb sweeping day: Usually 4th or 5th April

International Labour Day: 1st May Double Fifth Dragon Boat: Early June

Mid-Autumn Festival: 15th day of 5th lunar month usually in September National Day: 1st 3rd October

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Man Zou.

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Depending on the source, the population of Shenzhen and its demographic attributes are shifty. This is due to the hukou system and the migrant labor that serves the thousands of factories in the area. In any case, Shenzhen is constantly growing and the population is increasing. At the time of publication the stated numbers are the latest best estimates from both Chinese Government Census and International Organizations.

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Of course with claims to fame and World’s Biggest, it tends to come down to how one defines big. According to the Guinness Book of World Records the world’s biggest bookstore, as defined by square footage is a Barnes & Noble shop in New York City; while, Powell’s Books of Portland Oregon, USA claims the title based on shelf space. With that said, Central Book City is big, while at the same time it is more of a mall atmosphere with many different vendors under one roof that together makes up what the Shenzheners call their world’s biggest bookstore. However you judge it, Shenzhen’s Central Book City will be a memorable visit and is worth checking out.

Translation from French, Romance, by Rimbaud: One fine evening, you’ve had enough of beer and lemonade, And the rowdy cafes with their dazzling lights!


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