Discover Shenzhen before everyone else does. Few foreigners visit this mega-city. Chinese visit it by the millions each year. Chinese regard Shenzhen as one of the four major Chinese cities, together with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Shenzhen is unique. In our globalized times, with much of the world shrinking and becoming homogeneous, Shenzhen is different from any other place you will ever visit. A city of 14 million people and a place where the average age is 27, Shenzhen attracts people from all over China who come, like Dick Whittington to London, seeking streets paved with gold. Combined with neighbouring Hong Kong, the population of this megacity exceeds 21 million people .

Skyscrapers dominate the cityscape with futuristic buildings and some stunning architecture. With tropical parks and gardens and some beautiful mountains and countryside, Shenzhen is also a very green city. There are also beaches not far from the city centre and holiday resort areas such as Silver Lake Yin Hu:. The golfing attractions are famous, built on a scale that only a country as large as China could envisage. Shenzhen has ancient history, too. In recent years the government has restored many historical sites, although there is still much to be done.

Shenzhen has something to offer everyone: interesting art, architecture and cultural exhibitions; countryside walks and botanical gardens; state-of-the-art electronics; tailoring and shopping for local artefacts; family theme parks and miles of ‘eat streets’ with cuisine from all over China. The bustling city centre with impressive new buildings, historical sites, beautiful city gardens, scenic places for hiking and eco-tours and cultural attractions all provide opportunities for a unique travel experience. Perhaps more than anything, a visit to Shenzhen gives you a chance to witness China’s amazing transformation.

Welcome to Futureland, with Chinese characteristics.

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