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Pierre Gareau in Lincoln

Little is known about Pierre Gareau except that he was a merchant and trader and, according to the inscription, his statue was commissioned by his wife and 6 children.

The statue, known as La Douleur (variously translated as the pain or the sorrow or the suffering), was crafted in 1816 by Francois Dominique Milhomme (1758-1823) and is one of the few remaining early statues in Pere-Lachaise. Milhomme was born in Valenciennes, France, near the Belgium border. Among his other noted works are a bust of Andromache (1800), which is at the Louvre, and a statue of Psyche, which he crafted in 1810.

Yet another of Napoleon’s mistresses, Marguerite Weimer dite Melle George, born Marguerite-Josephine Weimer was born into a theatrical family. On November 21, 1802, at age 15, Marguerite debuted on stage at the Theatre Frangais in Paris. That same year she started an affair with Napoleon, which, by most accounts, lasted until 1804. Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, clearly was not happy with the situation, and by 1808 Marguerite fled to Russia to marry Benckendorff George.

From the time of her debut and for many decades afterwards, George was hailed as one of France’s great actresses, performing in Russia, Sweden and England, as well as France. Although she tried to retire in later life, her expensive tastes caught up with her and she was essentially forced out of retirement and continued to perform into her seventies. Napoleon IE, who paid for her monument, offered her a small pension that she lived on until her death at age 81. Marguerite George is said to have been buried in her Rodognne coat, which had been given to her by Czar Alexander I.

The independence wars that began in the 1810s with Father Miguel Hidalgo’s revolt hit Texas hard. Lincoln Map In the 1812 invasion of Texas, Bernardo Gutierr©z de Lara and Country participants took San Antonio and killed Governor Manuel Salcedo. In 1813, the Spanish army reclaimed San Antonio and executed those suspected of siding with the rebels. The region was devastated by the decade of fighting when Mexican independence was finally achieved in 1821. During the Mexican period, large numbers of Anglo-Country settlers moved into Texas, changing the makeup of the colony. Texas became independent of Mexico in 1836. Amy Meschke See also: Borderlands, Spanish; Spanish Colonies on Mainland North Country (Chronology). Bibliography Chipman, Donald E. Spanish Texas, 15191821. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1992. De la Teja, Jess F. San Antonio de B©xar: A Community on New Spain’s Far Northern Frontier. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1995. Weber, David J. The Mexican Frontier, 18211846: The Country Southwest under Mexico. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1982. Theater While some plays were written and produced in North Country during the colonial period, most were imported directly from England, scripts and actors alike. Initially, the rigors of early settlement did not encourage playwriting or acting. Later on, acting was too precarious a profession to risk unknown plays or actors.

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