Crazy Japanese Toilets Hilarious Bidet Reaction

Hey everybody we’re catching a ferry to see a shrine to shrine Island alrighty guys we’ve just arrived a shrine island, and we have heard that there are wild deer around here. So my first thing I wanted to do is go, and find a deer I’ve never been up close, and personal with one before. So, I’m a little bit excited guys we found a shop that literally only sell soy sauce what it looks very fancy we’ve been literally taste test the soy sauce.

Crazy Japanese Toilets Hilarious Bidet Reaction Photo Gallery

So a bunch of you guys are messaged us these photos on these maple leaf kind over treats stuttering harsh MA I mean thanks for making them, and now we’re trying to find a school that actually is selling they like stuffed with the red bean paste, I’ll get that one you can try that on cuz I wanna find one that’s maybe. But trouble in this market place is really cool. But how many red bean Apple choppy get away lean yeah.

I’ll try that, I’ll try a chocolate, and then maybe you should try one that you might like as well okay, I’m done with that already there’s like a pastry stuffed with red bean paste it’s in a make never tried red bean paste before it’s a sweet or savory sweet sweet do you like it sweet beans you like it, I’m gonna stick with my chunky you have a little friend behind well this one’s giving it a bit of a groan yummy justice being chased by the deer he decided my shirt was a meal jess is just the deer they can smell your maple. But this little guy right here closest ever to reindeer even though it’s not a sprint it’s not a reindeer cereal day guys I think we found a cool way to see the shrine grab a hat the bit sunny out today Oh that was a really cool way to see the shine.

I think that’s probably the closest you can get up to it unless it’s low tide when you can actually walk nice little sleepy one this one looks like a reindeer you guys are interested your Japan Rail Pass can get you out to Miyajima on the ferry that is cool. But that’s only a shrine island how perfect to the McDonald’s burgers volka I see Pokemon dough hasn’t died here in Japan Jessa’s dragging me into a double story drug store she’s on the hunt a basket mate venom face mask bee venom austin ale why i don’t know what he said. But, I’m convinced we need to get this okay my store now a 5-story technology shop I need my basket there’s just so much stuff you have to be holding him he he’s your support before I peel at her face do you feel supported you can see them we’re having a pizza pan tonight much needed spongebob is way more intense, and Japanese I can see my reflection in the lens guys who’s the final stop of the inside screwed. But can’t believe it has done.

So quickly. But you gotta keep up that from that didn’t you they’re lost trips who just happened squad at a place called Akbari which is a shopping district, and Sunday which means every it’s out, and about wanting to shop. So this look how busy Oh yeah they say you see like maybe a hundred, and a day or. So I don’t know what the exact sister sticks out of it here I think I’ve seen one thousand my eyes just people looking left right is pretty much going on here so much advertisement shopping this is just another string we just walked out of there like Stephens about to strike heavy off for the first time we spent it’s salmon caviar oh really yes what that’s not human to eat it is it defecate well then at least, I’m just getting the caviar days popping your mouth try with the whole salmon yeah yeah a summons on this baby my god what did you say was born in money Tony – what is it made are like fish odds fish virus this is the best part about Japan what dog loves Sony’s guys who just come to a soccer castle, and it is incredible it’s like several stories high I think we’re gonna go inside to see what it’s like. Because we haven’t been it’s not a Japanese castle yet we did that one in Kanazawa. But it was more outside we didn’t really go inside oh the trip, I’m feeling we might have beds at this one to be honest the futons on the floor weren’t too uncomfortable. But Westerners this Oh.

So it’s nice luxury we keep finding any Japanese TV show. So interesting. But I wanted to show you guys something. Because I’ve noticed in every single bathroom well, I’ll just run myself a little bath before dinner. But in every bathroom in Japan they give you. So many amenities all for free every single time always like you know washcloths they give you hair brushes shavers at every single one like this is a lot right that’s a lot guys it’s the final last dinner supper with everyone Georgia’s we’re late cuz we’re checking into a flight tomorrow. But you ready, I’m ready for karaoke oh I really really tried convince the group that we should do karaoke.

Because we haven’t done it at all over in Japan I feel like that’s like, I’m lost what one one didn’t realize that my cats warleader has taken us to a restaurant that is next door to a karaoke bar you know it’s fair. So you ain’t gotta put the shoes in water should I turn it on yeah it’s happening last night last night we have to do karaoke show you guys what it’s like. So you come in here you cooking with this guy, and then we walk down this hallway, and these are all karaoke rooms ring Celine ordered he’s good is this really weird to post guys we’ve been to Japan okay you don’t even we’ve been in Japan for a while now it’s our last night, and I realize I’ve never tried a bidet guys this is the bidet. So you have an option you can warm the seat I don’t know what standby is you can do the water pressure we shouldn’t put it of iron. So this is the bidet for the girl, and then there’s also a boy version as well, and then to stop yes, I’m going to try it for the first time. So that’s the thing in the toilet that splashes you sir, and cleans you up you go to the toilet, I’m gonna try it okay. So did you choose the go one nothing’s happening poacher Hey everybody welcome back to Osaka it is currently 7:30 in the morning which means it is a week an hour yeah in the south coast we have to use public transport to get to the airport it is very intense Airport Airport let’s go hey Elwood comin for ya that one FNG she loves us the end of our three-month travel that was probably the best trip from start to end it was like Singapore then Greece with the wedding, and then we de courage the UK, and then Japan it was such vocalist items that was really fun.

But yeah we’re just heading home now 72 hours to get a visa pretty much hype for this spot is good we never find Malaysian Airlines before welcome to KL everyone every time we come here we need to come to forest. Because it is so cool that an airport has a forest. But we have another flight to catch all righty guys we’ll see you back home.

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