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3307 N. Davidson St., 704/370-3595,

HOURS: Vary by season; call to confirm

COST: One-time $10 membership fee and proof of rabies vaccines Map 3

You can put away your driver’s license; the bartenders here are more interested in rabies certificates. Billed as the only dog-friendly bar in Charlotte, Dog Bar caters to its four-legged customers. The interior of the bar is sparse, with cement floors and a couple of tables, leaving plenty of room for K9 customers to roam around off-leash. Most patrons head straight for the fenced patio, where dogs romp while their people have drinks. Dog Bar doesn’t serve food but takeout from other area restaurants is encouraged (just keep a close eye on your plate). The dogs that frequent the watering hole run the gamut from dachshunds and Pomeranians to Labradors and border collies. There isn’t a ton of space to run, but the ability to let (well-behaved) dogs socialize while their owners do the same is enough to keep everyone coming back.

1767 As a result of New York’s defiance of Chandler Map the Quartering Act, Parliament passes the Restraining Act in December 1767, dissolving the Assembly until New Chandler Map York complies with the Quartering Act. The law never formally goes into effect, as word of its impending passage proves sufficient to force a reversal of the assembly’s policy. 1768 In the fall, the largest colonial/Native Country conference to date occurs at Fort Stanwix. The treaty that emerges from the proceedings represents a massive cession of Country Indian lands; much of what will be modern-day central and southwestern New York comes under English control. 1771 The famous portrait artist John Singleton Copley takes up residence in New York City and enjoys a rush of clients. He will paint some of his best and most famous portraits of the revolutionary period.

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