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I had sufficient exercise on the bicycle. Beijing is huge Zhengzhou Map Tourist Attractions and I must have pedalled twenty miles a day. Within the old Tartar city walls of Zhengzhou Map Tourist Attractions Beijing were the walls of the Imperial City and beside these the walled Forbidden City, built in the 1400s. The emperors seldom went outside, and no one entered the Forbidden City without permission.

The isolated inner palace was where the emperors had sat on the Dragon Throne, surrounded by unimaginable luxury. I walked from end to end of the Forbidden City, detouring to see rock-gardens and temples, lured on by names like the Gate of Heavenly Purity, Gate of Earthly Tranquillity, the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Palace of Abstinence, Palace of Culture of the Mind, Palace of Peace and Longevity, and Palace of Accumulated Elegance.

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