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If you have an accident However carefully you drive, you may nevertheless find yourself involved in an accident. If this does happen do not lose your temper, however great the provocation: remain polite, keep cool and take the following action:

1. Warn other road users: switch on your hazard warning lights and set out your warning triangle at a sufficient distance from the scene of the accident.

2. Attend to the injured. Expert assistance should be summoned immediately. Unless you have a knowledge of first aid you should be extremely cautious about attending anyone injured in an accident. Call an ambulance if required.

3. If anyone has been injured, if there has been major damage to the cars involved or if there is disagreement between you and the other party, inform the police.

4. Get the names and addresses of other parties involved; note the registration number and make of the other vehicles and the time and place of the accident. Ask the other parties for the name of their insurers and their insurance number.

5. Note down the names and addresses of witnesses; take photographs andor make sketches of the scene of the accident.

After a minor accident the police are usually more concerned with getting the road clear for traffic than making a full record of the incident. What you should try to record in your photographs is not the damage to the cars involved that can be established later but the general situation at the scene of the accident. It is particularly important to photograph each of the cars in the direction of travel from a sufficient distance.

6. If possible fill in the European Accident Statement (which you will have received along with your green card if you own the car) and have it signed by the other party. Do not sign any admission of liability. If the other party asks you to sign an accident form not written in English and you are in doubt of its meaning, add the words without prejudice to liability above your signature.

7. Inform your own insurance company by letter, if possible, within 24 hours of the accident. If your car is rented, inform the rental agency by phone immediately.

8. If the accident involves injury to persons (otherthan yourself and your passengers) or damage to property, inform the bureau named on the back page of your green card.

9. If you own the car follow the instructions of your insurance company which you will normally have received along with your green card concerning repair of damage to your car.

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