what’s up guys my name is Kristen LeBlanc. And for the past two-and-a-half years. I’ve been pretty much living from a suitcase on the road.

And one of my number one travel destinations in all of my travels has to be this country right here incredible mountain escapes amazing world-class food. And alpacas what more could, you ask for if you want to see my entire one. And a half hour guide that will also be linked down below that’ll cover more on the food side of things which by the way Peru has the world’s best food.


So, you won’t want to miss that now to start this post off let’s talk about where you’re gonna be landing. And that is the city of Lima if you’re on a tight timeline. I probably won’t recommend that, you spend too much time here in Lima, but if you do decide to come here then there are a couple places of interest you’ll want to stay in miraflores, this is where most of the nicer hotels.

And Airbnb czar. And if you’re looking to experience one of the more vibrant sides of Lima then you’ll definitely want to check out monumental Kayal, this is a very very cool place that basically used to be a little bit dangerous a little bit rundown, but recently they’ve introduced some security measures. And they’ve made it a bit of a happening place to visit you’ll be one of the first people to check this out because, it’s kind of an up-and-coming place what’s behind me another great day trip outside Amira Flores is the parliment palace, it’s a very beautiful square, it’s also known as Plaza daze además there’s street vendors everywhere selling amazing food.

I was shocked to find that it was some of my favorite food in the entire world. I spent about five days in Lima, but that’s all. I’m gonna talk about for right now if you want to learn more about it, it’s in the full guide monsignor do, you know where to go for the Fiesta Junior our next destination is a place by the name of eeka.

And that is in the southwest of the country from Lima we’re gonna either take a bus rent a car or hire a driver and. I probably would eliminate the idea of renting a car because the traffic can be a little local that’s Spanish for crazy regardless of how, you do it, it’s gonna take, you around three. And a half to four hours to get to eeka.

And from Iike you’re going to go to the very nearby sand dunes known as Hua Kachina this was one of my number one picks of all of Peru one of the coolest things. I’ve ever done we actually paid about 3540 US Dollars. And we rented the sand buggy.

And went through the dunes for about an hour. And a half it was incredible we actually arranged it to be done at sunset. So we got one of the most amazing sunsets.

I’ve ever seen we got to go sand boarding that was actually included with the dune buggy. And, it’s just such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by these vast hills, this is a must now, this is a lot to pack into one day so. I probably recommend, you to the next day.

And, it’s something. I actually didn’t get around to doing, but there’s something known as the Nazca lines. And basically what they are is massive hieroglyphics we personally did not have time to see the Nazca lines but.

I guess that’s another reason to return to Peru now we’re gonna head back to the city of Lima, you should get back in the night. So that, you can get on the first plane heading out in the morning to the city of Cusco that’s gonna be about a 1 hour plane ride away. And flights can be relatively affordable they can also be expensive it helps to book these things in advance assuming, you have now landed in Cusco.

And not crashed into the mountain sides because. I had to have been one of the craziest landings. I’ve ever done then you’re gonna be noticing something known as altitude sickness every breath, you take, you get less oxygen and, you do start to notice it pretty much the moment, you get off the plane especially for certain people it will hit them very hard what.

I did is. I actually took a little medication right before boarding my flight in Lima and. I think it made the world of a difference because.

I did not get overly sick from altitude sickness at any point throughout this trip because this blog is all about helping you. I’ve actually made it. So this itinerary will hopefully help, you alleviate that altitude sickness.

So we’re gonna basically get in a taxi from Cusco. And go to our next destination which is further down the hills, it’s a lower altitude theoretically this itinerary will help, you deal with this altitude sickness. So we’re gonna now head to a Bumba, it’s about an hour.

And a half taxi away. And what. I highly recommend is that, you do not ask Matt asks is one of the coolest things you’ll see in the entire country, it’s a bunch of salt mines that are actually still in use today.

And they’re built into the side of a mountain, it’s extremely beautiful very dramatic definitely a worthwhile visit if you’re going to eat a bomba. And there’s actually two very spectacular hotels in una bomba one of them had a couple baby llamas the other one had an incredible pool. So if you’re in that upward budget range where, you can spend a bit of money on a hotel these are two of the best hotels in the country whether, you decided to stay in Cusco or go to Edo bomba your next destination is all the same we’re going to be going to the iconic Machu Picchu, this is the place that most people think of when they think of Peru, it’s the incredible palace that has been built on a very dramatic mountain there’s llamas running around freely all living happily.

And honestly, it’s one of the coolest things you’ll ever see in your entire life. I know. I’m saying a lot of like most extreme most beautiful this, but that is what Peru is, it’s a spectacular destination with world-class things to offer.

So to get to Machu Picchu you’ve got a couple options depending on where, you are, you can either take the bus which is fine. And all, but if you have the budget or you’re looking to experience something new, this is a worthwhile investment. I actually use the Peru rail and.

I loved it it made the experience that much more incredible there’s entertainment amazing food to be had. And there’s different levels of the train. So, you can do everything from the more economy.

So the more luxury just depends on your budget, but, this is definitely one of the best ways to see the country whether, you take the train or the bus, you don’t arrive directly in Machu Picchu, you arrive at the city below on the footsteps of the mountain. And that is known as aguas caliente definitely a very spectacular place with like Jurassic Park esque lookin landscapes there’s hotels there’s restaurants but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend spending the night basically, this is just the entry point for machu picchu.

And from there you’ll take a bus up the hill. I think the posts here speak for themselves Machu Picchu insane if you want to see more about. I also have the whole Peru series all vlogged down below, you can check out the Peru playlist right there sir what are your thoughts on the rising tourism here in Peru.

And if you’re one of those people that wants to live life to the fullest well there’s a higher peak than Machu Picchu, it’s known as Hawaiiana Picchu. And they only let like 200 people up a day with that being said it also books out like two months in advance. So if you’re like.

I need to be king of the hill. I need to see the highest point then make sure you’re organized with this trip because, you will not get this ticket by booking last-minute. I did not do Hawaii on a Picchu.

I was more than okay with it. I was kind of tired a little bit altitude effected so. I was not that eager to climb it, it’s also quite expensive it is now time to go to cuzco cuzco is actually the ancient capital of the Incan Empire.

And it shows it’s so beautiful cobblestone roads beautiful stone churches. And cathedrals very very very picturesque.

And there’s lots of great food great nightlife a lot of travelers are coming through here. So, it’s a great place to meet people. I would argue, this is the most happening place for travelers in Peru my name is Leo sinto.

And today. I play the tribal music of the people come. And look at in my direction the food.

And the ambience is just one of the things. I has to offer it also has a thing by the name of sexy woman which sounds like sexy woman, but on loss leblanc we always try to keep it PG at least pg-13 sexy woman is a Incan Palace that was built back in the something somethings. And basically the impressive thing is that using their very ancient style technology they were able to perfectly move these massive stones.

And place them together. And what seems like perfect symmetry don’t play in Incan in Tetris going back into the center of Cusco you’ve got the incredible square known as plaza des además just like, you saw in lima. And there you’ve got a couple churches right next to each other, it’s beautiful definitely a great place to get some photos.

And if you go to Peru and, you don’t buy Peru merchandise did, you ever really go to Peru, you need to get yourself a few of those llama fleeces just deck yourself out like this. So good. I went.

So overboard she doesn’t want to be seen with me okay that can all be found at san pedro market definitely a nice little day trip and. I definitely recommend, you go see the old side of cusco. And that is known as san blas, this is where you’ll see lots of the locals.

And it looks like they’re dressed up for money if you’ve traveled a lot you’ll see that people typically dress up just to have, you paid to take a photo with them, but, this is actually how they dress they wear their very cool tooks they wear their colorful knitted clothing it gives, you a real feel of the local culture in cusco another full day trip that. I actually didn’t have time for that’s sort of close to Cusco is rainbow mountain it looks like this unfortunately. I didn’t get to see it, but man it looks absolutely beautiful another reason to come back to Peru alright it is now to head up even further into the mountains as if you thought that wasn’t possible we’re gonna deal with even more of this altitude feeling there’s many remedies, you can actually take to help, you with your altitude sickness throughout this trip.

I luckily was doing these. And never got sick. So if you want to learn more about that, it’s in the full guide link down below.

And now we’re gonna be getting on to either a bus or onto my favorite option being the per rail system. And that will take, you right to the city of puno puno is actually 3827 meters hi. So, this is one of the highest points of the entire country because you’ll spend the entire day traveling you’ll arrive in the evening check into your hotel.

And the next morning we’re gonna be doing some island hopping in Peru which honestly you’ve really shocked me on top of this mountain is one of the largest lakes in all of South America and, this is Lake Titicaca, it’s shared with Bolivia. And they took us to these remote little islands these islands are some of the most culturally rich places in all of Peru our guide was giving us a bit of insight as to how these people live their lives it’ll make, you question what, you considered to be normal again. I’ve logged it all it was an incredible experience highly recommend, you check it out we even saw these sets of islands here which are actually completely man-made using organic materials very very cool cannot miss this if you go to puno another city that.

I unfortunately did not have time to see is a de keepa and, this is definitely a foodies destination, it’s a beautiful city built of stone located next to a volcano surrounded by lush green fields from what. I’ve heard, it’s definitely a worthwhile place to go visit that is the end of our trip here guys. I hope, you found it helpful.

And if you’re coming to Peru you’ll definitely want to check the full one. And a half hour post guide linked down below, it’s just pure information everything that, you need to know before arriving how to save money how to stay safe the best restaurants which by the way that’s one of the best sides of all of Peru is their food. So make sure, you know the best restaurants.

And all the cities we visited here as well as some more hidden locations so much insight was provided by Katzie a huge thank, you to her for her local insight. And if you want a free preview of that guide make sure to click down here for the five hot tips to Peru it’ll give, you a lot more insight than even this post did.

And if you want to hit that comment button, it’s right up there. I would invite, you to become part of the blog get notified when new posts are posted just like this one there are a lot more travels to come everywhere from Southeast Asia to South America. And much much more in between.

So get commentd become part of the team get lost family. And let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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