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Hey guys oh gosh stop the camera I don’t think I’ve ever been to the dentist as much as I have in this space of a couple of weeks Steve, and I have one more dentist appointment today. So safe today we’re going to actually be getting our teeth cleaned, and I love getting it cleaned we get it cleaned every six months, and when it’s done like I can literally stick my tongue lick between my feet maybe with that well anyway yes we’re going to do that, and also I guess I can check out how our complete healing is going I haven’t had coffee yet. So how am i for this to be over look at Jess’s Rock, and Mickey Jack that she got on for you for like a business or anything. So way too big to me. But I just love it, and it has a little Mickey Mouse’s on here anyway hope you guys enjoy what they say it looks Lefroy, I’m drinking you have five minutes evening Victor. So fingers are leaving in a couple of days we’re just trying to make sure everything is organized. So today we have actually written their to-do list of things we need to go, and do, and organize, and buy before we leave, and one of the things on the list is to grab Steven search which is getting altered very excited to finally see his whole food together, and like yeah we have to buy a bunch of like things like toothpaste, and shampoo, and camera filters for our new lenses.

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So that’s why we can’t have white teeth just this is why we can’t have nice things I literally went to a dentist, and was like. So how long until I can have a coffee if coffee didn’t stay in your teeth oh my gosh that would be the best thing ever it was like you have to wait 20 minutes at least, and like on the 20 minute mark we like drink speaking of dentist telling you like which proper foods to eat we were telling him about the competition we’re like you have to get everyone to vote, and they were all not like the dental nurses the other dentists in there decided, and if you guys are reading thank you so much a change of plan if you guys if you guys haven’t voted yet please vote for us we’ll leave the competition link down below we didn’t want to show you us to do an ab monotonous shopping.

But we literally found the to pay for us coffee, and tea a white low variety guys coffee number two very very much needed right now literally made Steven drive around Perth the gold cutlery, and we have found some, I’m so excited this is going to be our cutlery for our wedding guess who just picked up his suit all fitted just need to get my tie in the mail in the mail do you give me something I don’t know if it’s message I know you’ve been asking for it you asking for me what is that Mario Kart 8 for the Swift yeah and, I’ll be talking for a bit you’re making it out like it’s a big thing that you are seeing for us we should play some oh my god you’re so bad. So if anything it’s so funny how the biggest case with the tiniest game also can you look at I know I forgot about my aunt says it tastes bad I better not lick the like chip I does taste bad yeah everybody’s do you know the stuff you put on your nails to not buy yeah they do this like if you guys didn’t know about it they did it. So then like kids wouldn’t eaten solid them, I’m not that odious okay wait at least then jess is like okay every has been overreacting on those really only to save my plastic did you actually taste bad I thought maybe the fish might eat anyone take that, I’m rubbish, and lodging in the car seriously two sodas behind me. But anyway guys Hey it is now serves day and, I’m so excited. Because I am getting my hair done it has been six months since I got my hair done last time I got it done I had so much chlorine in my hair that my hair fried, and turned brown, and green.

So at this time I’ve made sure I have no products in it I haven’t been in chlorine for probably over a month hopefully it works this time. But I am so excited to get it done alright let’s go do it I just got home, and I love my new hair it looks. So good I asked her to chop it shorter, and to try, and like blend my roots in more. So then my natural words can like grow into my hair more services, I’ll learn your hair that, I’m going to have for the wedding I love it if you guys are in Perth, and want to check her out her name’s Alicia, and she is so good she owns her own salon and, I’ll leave her links down below if you are in Perth, and want to check her out. But, I’m yes who specializes in blondes, and she’s really really good, I’m really happy with it yeah yay.

So we are now heading back up to the shops I do feel I’ve always done have spent time at the shop today Stephen tried on his horse threw everything together now that it is like all fitted, and we’re not feeling the shoes. So we’re thinking of taking back the shoes, and looking for some lighter ones I feel like the shoes are a little bit too dark. Because he’s through to quite light. So she’s quite a hard suit to like to find things that matches if I make sense like it’s a very unusual through anyway back to the shop back to our second home I get that secondary dentist. So back to Arthur at home , I’m currently dealing with a very stressed out Steven we can’t find shoes what that matter shoes something good where remember enough looking on with the food, and it like grew up the whole theory to the point does like final on where the food anymore yes he’s having a bit of a stress defect right now. So, I’m feeding him sushi, and then we’re going to keep searching that our have you no luck. So far three hours later, I’m we’re done better actually McCarney to go, and get some currency.

But besides that we’re done better you like to shoot, I’m so happy it is a store I would never gone into I think you like a fancy store buy they’ve got like end of financially sales. So we got like a pretty good deal they are very my shoes like super nice wait. So you guys. But sometimes that’s done with something this whole week has been talking it’s alright happy Friday guys it’s Friday which means it’s Pancake Day. So this morning, I’m making dough cake this is a very pancake I’ve just thought of Pancake Day is now Fridays okay you’re not going to complain you want a pancake we’ve been making our pancakes using this buckwheat pancake mix socially pretty good I’ve recommended if you kind of gluten on Oprah is your food shot no we prepared early on officially starting to pack all our little wedding stuff into the suitcases the best time of year ah finally the lens that we ordered just came in time there’s no post on Sundays in Australia.

So quits on Saturdays in Australia which means that’s not Harry Potter there’s no pause on Saturdays time days Sunday why is that badly cuz there’s no post on Sunday right you are Harry which means this is the last day to get any cook oh we didn’t order a 50ml as well that’s gonna come next week that’s fine it’s the 16 to 35 now that I am excited for to get my cal pizza boxes up that’s how you sent these out in. So I’ve got an se 16 to 35 mil s4 I know that just announced like a 2.8 or 2.4 one. So that looks like double the price maybe one day we can operate, and get that. But in the meantime, I’m just. So happy for our upcoming travel to have this, and I thought I’d show you guys the difference between the two. Because it is a four, and wide go get ready for five minutes in why why why what angle it’s good though that they have extra padding. But like that’s literally the lens in box that is there on your baby I will put it on to the wide now what does that look like can you see so much more of the room or do we need to know no it’s.

Because you weren’t there you, and magazine did well they can really see what the room looks like now guys this is Stephens parents living room they could have a couple on to up like literally before we couldn’t even see the carpet, and now you can see it wow I am so excited to go traveling with this okay thanks guys it looks like oh wow you see. So I just thought about my lashes done guys boom where the first was as long as ever by the way it is now a twelve twenty members even post today, and then this will be the last day of this blog we’ve much like five days together. But we just finished coming with live stream this. So if you wanted to watch what we’re bringing, and stuff like that then check out the live stream the pretty much fly out in 11 hours time hey Kirsty we literally fly out tonight at 9 o’clock yes. So live an hour.

So we’re happy yes. Because we need to pack in what a good time to pack I feel like there’s those people that pack a week before yeah we’re definitely not those people we always have like a day off and, I’m not as cooking someone good transition there you walk to the other side of the bridge, I’m gonna put all the fashion sausage sizzle which is very brilliant it encrypts of eating sausage in the bread that’s very good guys as you can see we’ve done all our work we pax we leave in well 7 we’re going to drive for the airport. But we don’t know what to do with our time right now there’s no attacks for the spying time. But I want you to cut the onion. So that always makes me cry. So that’s our job and, I’ll cook the sausage. So yes, I’ll do the fool alrighty last job in the night January is to get cash out well to get money exchanged really.

So we’re going to go get money exchanged go home through the bags, and car, and we are the world we are specially ready a little, and something.

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