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A last lone set of elevators in the reflection of the sinking sun out west behind us as we coast into the outskirts of my in-laws’ hometown – where I discovered on a previous trip, no matter where you get stuck because your rental car sinks in the mud, if you knock on a random farmhouse door in this part of Kansas, my beloved wife is related to them.. and they own a tractor ready for impromptu rescue action. (Baileyville, KS, Kansas Highway 36, June 18, 2016, 16:54PDT, SX700 1/1000s f4 ISO160 looking to the north through the driver’s side window)

Seneca pops up out of the fields to call an end to our first major leg of vacation: just over 1800 miles down in the first three days. (Seneca, KS west entrance, 16:59PDT / 18:59CDT (almost 7PM local time for the military clock challenged), June 18, 2016, SX700 1/1000 f5 ISO200 looking east by southeast through car’s front windscreen.)

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When James VI became James I in 1603 and flitted to London, this became a neglected second home. Cromwell used it as barracks for nearly a decade. Later, it hosted Bonnie Prince Charlie, but was finally gutted after being occupied by Butcher Cumberland’s troops. In 1989 Linlithgow celebrated the 600th anniversary of receiving its charter from Robert II, at the time when, in England, the Black Prince’s son was king and Chaucer was penning his tales. The following basic walkabout takes in most worthwhile features. From Manse Basin you look over to the Learmonth Gardens with a 16th-century beehive-type doocot holding 370 boxes. It has the standard stone courses sticking out to prevent rats climbing up, and a tiny door. Pigeons were popular in mediaeval times as they provided fresh meat in winter. Only nobles (Ross of Halkeld in this case) were allowed such; the common people just had old salted beef. There were no root crops then for winter feeding, so each autumn animals were slaughtered or driven south to English markets.

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