Exploring The Temples of Bagan

Hey guys, and welcome to here in Mandalay today we are actually going to be taking a minivan from Mandalay all the way to began which is about a five or six hour drive, and if you interested it cost us $18 for a roundtrip with a minivan that picks us up from the school takes us straight to our hotel, and then picks us up from memory till tomorrow, and takes us back to the school. So child sheep is our five to six hour bus ride like that is all of them. So it quickly going to go grab some breakfast before we jump on the bus, and check out a new city here in Lima connects to the trip consists of apples a baguette, and pokey stick by the way guys for all my Star Wars fans out there how much do the sunrises look like a Star Wars Tatooine sunrise every time you go out for breakfast or lunch or dinner they give you some green tea I don’t like overseas. But, I’m slowly becoming addicted to this stuff it’s really good in the morning this is the breakfast thing, and always get support wake up, and it seems cries, and he loves it, and then I always get pancakes this is the me start angry alright. So this is our bus to take us through the boss a little bit worried that this was going to be our bus for the highway when we have been reassured than to get up through the box, and thank you guys for five hours in this I guess you guys were interested with the Buddha religion they are the last go, and buy food they have to go up, and gets donated to them.

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So every morning, and like 5:00 a.m. they have to go out, and just walk around to the restaurants, and get through donations. Because also they only like to eat for breakfast run till you feel the nuns, and all the long walking around with their little I don’t like donation Bowl, and then we notice like people come out, and give them free stuff a lot of dedication yeah so much donation all right we just got to the bus terminal there are so many buses here maybe 20 30 buses, and this is our one just here the red one. So it’s room oh it’s going to be our home for the next six hours yeah pretty good Michelson to earth. So we went through guys if you are interested just heads up everyone if you do come into me in line, and you want to go to beggin s come to this little office here pay about twenty five bucks to get into beggin literally it is just a little healthier I cannot see an ATM. So make sure you bring this $25 piece to get into the into the bacon area otherwise I wouldn’t even know what what happens if you don’t know the cash market alrighty we just arrived now hotel we’re now officially well hi comment ever remember the name baby get up again what do you think okay again, I’m going to keep going again for the moment I really should look it up what’s the time now war most two o’clock, and we left at eight nine ten eleven twelve one almost excels to get here we booked a hotel that was $40 a night, and ice it was pretty good we’ve got a double bed aircon, and a pretty good bathroom, I’m pretty happy with that hot water the things that they don’t really have hot water here, and we got free Wi-Fi, and breakfast in the morning in the whole water having a hot shower in a week Kenard this is stuff like social problems.

So I was getting hot yeah is it yeah yeah yeah we’re pretty hungry at the moment. So I think we’re going to grab the month, and then we’re going to hire out some bicycles they do have ebikes here. But I don’t know if I can like trust myself driving an e-bike, I’m not very good at that stuff, I’m not really good at scooters, and motorcycles, and all that stuff. So thinking about risk is a pill bike, and you just got a map, and there are a ton of temples nearby. So we’re going to go really much like on a temple jumping hopping spree today, and then we’ve just organised to go watch the sunrise tomorrow which is like the main reason we’ve come here, I’m very sad. But first we need to freshen up eat the food, and go check out some temples I don’t know why they call them e-bikes these are scooters, and we don’t feel too comfortable doing the scooters or. So they’re like maybe eight bucks to rent, and say we just comes like the two dollar casual bikes which we know we can ride.

So these are the oldest rusty spikes I’ve ever hired out this, and they ride on the American side of the road here. So, I’m very nervous to drive. So I think we found a road that isn’t. So busy to go, and check out some cigars before the sunset we probably only have like two hours left to sunrise they’re trying to make the most of it while we’re here, and again by the way guys our hotel is just over there, and there’s already a pergola this place is crazy look at that Steve how beautiful you know no fun fact what there’s 3,200 pagodas yeah I definitely think that the street town began on not as busy as Mandalay guys we’ve literally cycling for like five minutes, and we’ve already come across these massive pagodas if you didn’t get jessa4 there’s like over 2,000 of them, and just the coloring of the sand colored pagodas with the sunset is looking amazing at the moment like how cool is this sorry guys we park our bikes. But cannot believe it I think we made it just before the sunset. But also a lot of other people did. So I think this might be the number one to go to to go to especially to the sunrise.

But we’re not going to go here for the sunrise we’re hoping to go to one that isn’t. So busy. So we thought you can somber one maybe we’ll just check it after the sunrise. So here it is called. So we’re I do ESO decided to come, and check it out to the sunset instead, and it’s called even h-help destroy right down door for the work yeah. So I think this one super popular. Because as you can see you can climb this one to watch the sunset you know for me you’ve got to find one forget yeah it look super busy at the moment.

But like not too busy like I can see maybe 3040 Taurus maybe a bit more down here. So even though look busy imagine something like the Eiffel Tower would be like thousand times easier okay remember our shoes are there as you can see you guys it is probably the most pagoda to come, and sit, and watch the sunset we started in a busy. Because it doesn’t have the Sun. But still every hour that view is amazing see what I feel like this is going to beat all the other sunsets we’ve seen like this, and while you doing our meeting we’re all ready to go Bharati sunset is over -, I’m calling a mere mark Sicily has the best office in the world I press on with Africa me amar with that final sunset years again. So to try to get home before the Sun sets get the key yeah like it’s not going to be riding in the dark. So if you didn’t bring your horse, I’m pretty sure that, I’m Christmas that’s another way you can get to began his vibe horse, and cart whoa we made it we made us very sure ah very interesting coming here at night wow that’s way uh-huh can you see yes ha he’s on shutting the light bar okay cool just cool hey no one else here. So huh oh if anyone else is ever felt oh my goodness Wow we have the perfect spot oh my gosh this will have a little bit of googling Wow Hey guys we are here in began about to watch the Sun Rise which is probably the number one thing to do here we try to work out what temple to go to.

Because there’s some really popular ones to try to go to one that isn’t. So popular with a first one here they literally to open up the gate we climbed up like this is where you are yeah wait the guy out give them a little donations yeah for us I know, and then we’re now sitting here with the only ones here we’ve found a little place to sit a little place to set up a camera just up on there you can see just I’ve never going to set up a camera, and we’re literally just sitting here waiting for the Sun to rise it’s been. So worth it guys here to get over for and. But, I’m already excited, and the reason that ever wants to watch the sunrise. Because I know you guys have seen a lot of sunsets is that they let off heat of hot-air balloons, and that’s what’s gonna look really cool if you guys interested this is a temple where law karu chuan I guarantee it is completely empty at the moment of the currently 520 am you this is currently only after 40 other people reading the sunrise, and it is so beautiful the only issue is that I think the wind was going the opposite direction for the hot air balloons went left, and the Sun was right. So I feel like it’s on the days where the hot air balloons come into the Sun it would look even more epic.

But it’s still such a beautiful time all right of all the photos we could on Mexico over there through just common bounces just surrounded by them, and we’re going to see if we can get some cool shots up at the top there maybe bit of yeah take your shoes off. So eyes this is looking oh my goodness. So beautiful justice tomb raiding right now actually quite big these stairs unexamined that you have to do. But that’s half of the adventure right there I found a good spot bowls like seriously guys the cameras doing it somewhat justice. But it just looks even more incredible in person guys this is just. So unbelievably peaceful there is just it had such an awesome looking aesthetic it oh I found squirrel as, I’m doing my speech a squirrel run through art hey buddy anyway what I saying is it just has such a cool aesthetic. Because there’s like these little smoke slip streams going through all the different pagodas, and a lot of them are silhouetted at the moment is where the Sun is base, and you just see like thousands of them all around just hands down beats the sunrise at Angkor Wat, I’m putting that here it you guys have to come here before he gets away to vision oh that’s what I’ve been saying this entire trip.

But this further proves that this is probably one of the best places to come, and see in Myanmar also if you guys were interested that is the temple kind of view just there, and you can see it’s like just opposites the most popular one which was unbelievably crowded at sunset, and unbelievably crowded at sunrise as well. But sure you can google it or just try find it on Google Maps I would recommend it Bobby you look really small from up here are they oh yeah we’re back at the hotel enjoying an epic breakfast before I look at that, I’m pretty impressed you know free breakfast, and it looks epic. But this is the end to our me, and my adventure we do have one more post coming out though of our time here in Myanmar, and that news I look kind of like a roundup of our time volunteering at the monastery. Because we had so much footage we didn’t we like we couldn’t fit it into the post that we were putting out we made our own post all about the monastery, and what it’s like volunteering. So you see that post next, and then next time you see us we’ll be off to Thailand we’ll see you guys in Highland hope you enjoyed this meanwhile series we love this country as, I’m sure you get it’s awesome anyway we’ll see you guys next time bye bye you.

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