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None of them was European (it was midday and the Kunming Map Tourist Attractions package tours were probably resting), but there were many hundreds of provincial Chinese, holidaymakers in Kunming Map Tourist Attractions Mao-style clothes. Mao was on the Long March and helping the communists to fight the Kuomintang in the days when my mother lived in China (1924-37) during the era of the warlords.

She said that fighting had seemed frequent in the provinces, and armies came and went from Beijing but she was too young to know whose armies they were, except that they belonged to the warlords. And if our rickshaws took us along the Glacis Road when executions were going on, our nanny told us to look the other way.’ My grandmother, Doris Beddow, saw it differently: July 6, 1928. Things have been quiet since the Shansi warlord moved into Peking, though the retreating Fengtien army’s stragglers have been robbing and molesting road users.

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