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Tanarandy, a small community about two kilometers from San Ignacio is the site of one of the most dynamic celebrations of Holy Friday in Paraguay. At nightfall on Holy Friday, the entire town (along with thousands of visitors) participates in a candle lit Via Crucis procession. The road running from the town chapel to La Barraca, property of San Ignacio artist and festival organizer Koki Ruiz, is named the Yvaga Rape (pronounced with an emphasis on the last syllable) or Path to Heaven. The path is lined with candles made out of wax-filled orange halves and bamboo lanterns which community members and visitors alike help to light before the procession. Along the way there are representations of the Stations of the Cross. During the procession religious choir groups known as estacioneros sing hymns as they visit each station. Once at La Barraca there are musical acts and the

unveiling of “living paintings” in which community members participate in life-sized recreations of famous works of religious art The festive and deeply religious atmosphere combined with the depiction of classical works of art such as Da Vinci’s The Last Supper  in a rural setting make Tanarandy an unforgettable experience. For more information on the festivities contact Koki Ruiz’s Fundacion La Barraca at 082 232 775.

Tanarandy’s artsy vibe makes it worth a visit even outside of Holy week. Many houses in the community have quirky painted signs out front depicting each residents’ profession. The town chapel, the Capilla de la Virgen de Caacupe, is also worth visiting as its interior is beautifully decorated with paintings by Cecilia Ruiz (daughter of Koki Ruiz). The town’s name means land of the irreductibles in Guarani and, according to local legend, was given because this is where the indigenous that refused to be part of the San Ignacio mission lived.

Getting There

If coming from Asuncion take a left on Cerro Cora (the same street as the church and plaza) and head two kilometers down the dirt road out of town. Along the way you will pass Koki Ruiz’s residence to the left-hand side, its entrance marked by owls carved out of stone. On a cool day the walk is quite lovely, cutting through the idyllic Paraguayan countryside. On a hot day it is best to hire a taxi from the corner of the town plaza.

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