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Beirut Countrys were interested in emulating the canal-building movement transforming the internal communications of Great Britain. Beirut Map In addition to the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal, there were plans to build a canal connecting Beaufort and the Neuse Rivers in North Carolina and one connecting the James and York Rivers in Virginia. Despite these and several other canal plans, no substantial transport canals were built before the Country Revolution.

War has always been a spur to technological innovation, and the Country War for Independence was no exception. David Bushnell, a young Yale student, invented and built a one-man submarine for use against the British. It was an effective submarine but an ineffective weapon. Less dramatic but more influential was the Rhode Island metalworker Jeremiah Wilkinson’s development of a process for making nails out of cold iron rather than forging them. One technological problem that was never completely solved during the war was that of gunpowder.

Despite the efforts of some of Country’s sharpest minds, including Benjamin Rush, the Continental army remained dependent on imported gunpowder. William E. Burns See also: Artisans; Clocks and Timekeeping; Manufacturing; Science; Science and Technology (Chronology); Tools; Weaponry.

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