Dam Map Paraguay

The dam is located fourteen kilometers North of Ciudad del Este in the city of Hernandarias along the side of the “supercarretera.” Entrance to the Centro de Recepcion... Read more


Chiperia Maria Ana Started by single mother Maria Ana Lopez, this roadside chipa stand has burgeoned into a bustling business with piping hot chipa served almost round the... Read more

Campo Nueve Paraguay

This is a curious corner of Paraguay. Campo Nueve (literally “Field Nine) is made up of a number of Mennonite settlements from a variety of countries including Germany,... Read more

Emboscada Paraguay Map

Emboscada is a cute Paraguayan town known for its artisanal mining industry. Sandstone from Emboscada is used all over Paraguay to create cream colored facades for buildings. Emboscada... Read more

Altos Map Paraguay

Altos’ close proximity to San Bernardino has made it an ideal destination for the influx of German immigrants who have been arriving steadily since the late 1800’s. As... Read more

Yataity Map Paraguay

Taking Cues From Nature Many ao po’i stitches are inspired by Paraguay’s natural surroundings. Popular stitches include: jupirupi ’a (frog eggs), ju ’i retyma (frog legs), abejita (little... Read more