Getting There Colonia Independencia

The turn off to Colonia Independencia is located on Route 8 in the town of Mbocayaty, approximately six kilometers north of Villarrica. Coming from Villarrica the turn off is on the right-hand side, about three blocks before the road curves sharply to the left. With the exception of Hotel Tilinksi all lodging options are before the right-hand entrance to the center of town itself (approximately seventeen kilometers from Mbocayaty). The road into town ends in a small roundabout and double avenue. To the right are access roads for various waterfalls (see Cordillera de Ybytyruzu) and to the left are the town plaza, church, access to the municipal park and access to the Salto Suizo (see Cordillera de Ybytyruzu). If you continue down the road to the left it eventually reconnects with the main road, winds past the entrance to Hotel Tilinski and swings right leading to communities deeper in the countryside.

The Ybytyruzu bus line has daily buses from Asuncion to Colonia Independencia, Gs. 30,000. Independencia and Sudetia buses can also be caught at the Villarrica terminal (Tel: 0541 42979).

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