Getting There

From Asuncion drivers can either head north along Route 3 and then west at Yby Yau on Route 5 or head north along the Trans Chaco Highway to Pozo Colorado and then east to Concepcion over the Puente Nanawa bridge. While Route 3 takes longer, the road conditions are preferable as the road between Pozo Colorado and Concepcion is notorious for its large potholes.

Both NASA and La Concepcionera buses run from Asuncion along the Trans Chaco highway and then take the turn off east to Concepcion at Pozo Colorado (NASA is preferable), costing Gs.60,000 and taking six to seven hours. Catching buses in Pozo Colorado is also an option for tourists coming from the Chaco. La Santaniana also runs from Asuncion but heads north through San Pedro and then turns West along Route 5 at Yby Yau – the cost is the same as heading through the Chaco but the trip can run about two hours longer. There are several buses that run between Concepcion and Pedro Juan Caballero – the trip takes four to five hours and costs about Gs. 40,000. Turismo Garria also operates a bus from Ciudad del Este to Concepcion for Gs. 80,000 which takes about ten hours.

The Concepcion bus terminal is about 7 blocks north from the center of town – taxis to the city center or port from the terminal run between Gs. 20,000 and Gs. 30,000. Unless making a connection at the bus terminal you can easily get off at the la Avenida stop along Concepcion’s main avenue, Avenida Pinedo, a couple of blocks from Calle Presidente Franco (most hotels are on this street which dead ends at the port). When leaving Concepcion you can board buses at the terminal (which will ensure a seat) or by the plaza (known as the Parque Infantil or Plaza Infantil) on the corner of Avenida Pinedo and Marsical Lopez.

Concepcion is serviced by two passenger boats. The Cacique II travels between Asuncion and Vallemi while the Aquidaban travels between Concepcion and Bahia Negra. Both travel weekly. For those who only want to take the boat one way it will be preferable to take the leg heading downriver as boats are generally faster and less crowded. For more information on either boat see The Cacique II and The Aquidaban. Taxis from the terminal to docks should be about Gs. 20,000.


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