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This series of small waterfalls is a popular swimming spot during the summer months. Tel: 0515 212 766, 0515 553 965, km 87 Ruta General Rogelio Benitez, coming from Piribebuy and Route 2 the turn off for Chololo is on km 87 on the right-hand side. Follow the dirt road approximately 150 meters; there are hourly Empresa Piribebuy buses that leave from the Piribebuy bus terminal for Gs. 2,300 (these can also be caught on the corner of the main plaza at Heroinas de Piribebuy and Mariscal Estigarribia). These buses stop running at 5pm.

Sidebar: Chololo is the onamatopeic Guarani word for waterfall.

La Quinta

Located high on the hillside this upscale farm offers visitors fresh dairy and produce as well as the chance to enjoy an excellent view of the landscapes bellow. Rooms are nicely decorated and comfortable and there are also private bungalows whose balconies provide the best views. Take a stroll around the grounds which include a small grove of pine trees that have been comically bent by the winds that sweep this hilltop and a series of milking stations for the farm’s cows. Tel: 0971 117 444, 0971 117 555, Ruta General Rogelio Benitez km 82.5, from Piribebuy the access road to La Quinta is located on the left-hand side, marked by a small wood sign with a yellow sun between two green hills. From here it is approximately 1 km uphill to the main building. The Empresa Piribebuy bus which heads to Chololo from Piribebuy runs past the entrance (see Chololo) but if coming from Paraguari it is best to go by taxi,, day rate Gs. 165,000 or 185,000 w/ lunch and afternoon snack, room rates Gs. 319,000 per person with full board, bungalows Gs. 352,000 per person with full board, Wi-Fi, A/C, TV, pool, sports area, game room Eco Reserva Mbatovi

Perched at the top of Cerro Mbatovi the Eco Reserva Mbatovi offers visitors a series of outdoor activities from trekking to a small ropes course, a zip line and rappelling. Safety equipment is included and in good condition. Outdoor activities start at 9am and 2pm and run for 3.5 hours. People should arrive at least thirty to forty-five minutes ahead of the start times. Many of Asuncion’s tour operators offer a day trip to Mbatovf in conjunction with lunch at the nearby La Quinta. Tel: 021 444 844, 0981 387 007, 0971 299 250, Ruta General Rogelio Benitez km 72, taxis from Paraguari are between Gs. 25,000 to 30,000 and about Gs. 30,000 to Gs. 35,000 from Piribebuy. Reservations must be made at least two days in advance (andprepaid if for a party of more than three people),, Gs. 130,000 per person Continuing along Route 2 Eusebio Ayala

Eusebio Ayala is well known throughout Paraguay for its chipa production, overshadowed only by the official Chipa Capital, Coronel Bogado. Eusebio Ayala’s popular chiperias make great pit stops. Here Paraguayans’ love of chipa is on display – it is not uncommon for the parking lots chiperias to be jam packed with all manner of buses, cars, vans, and motorcycles.

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