Drinking in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico observes the legal drinking age of 18. In general, it has a relaxed and laid-back attitude
towards consumption of alcohol and it’s no surprise to find bars and establishments serving drinks in
this age group. Beer, rum and other alcoholic beverages are available in most grocery stores,
panaderia and even sidewalk stores.
Rum is the most popular drink in Puerto Rico but it is commonly mixed and not drank straight. It is
even claimed that the famous Pi±a Colada first originated in Puerto Rico. There are numerous rum
distilleries in Puerto Rico and it is quite a booming industry here. Tourists interested in rum tasting
are recommended to begin with Ron del Barrilito. This is closely similar to the Caribbean rums
distilled in the 17th century and is not available in other parts of the North America.
Other drinks that are popular in Puerto Rico are coguitos which are similar to eggnogs and are
typically consumed during the holidays; beers and of course, coffee.

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