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After its foundation in 1191 Berne was enlarged by stages. In 1353 it joined the Swiss Confederation. The medieval structure of the city has remained unchanged to the present day. In 1798 Napoleon’s troops invaded Berne. In 1834 it became a university town and in 1848 the Federal Capital of Switzerland.

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Look out for a sign ‘Possil Loch Circular Path 1k’ which might appeal; it circuits extensive reed beds and comes out just before the next bridge at Lambhill (SWT board). Last time there, I watched a buzzard with a dead rabbit being harassed by magpies. In 1804 there was the whizz bang of a meteorite strike here. The largest piece of space rock is in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. Lambhill Bridge carries the busy A879 to Milngavie (pron. Mill-guy) and just before it is another change house (‘horse barracks’), long derelict and the site a scrapyard. Lambhill Stables is now an outdoor centre, offering canoe and cycle activities, has created a wonderful garden, and has organised allotments locally, all from local voluntary efforts. Regeneration at its best. There is a small tearoom (Tues-Sun) and a striking memorial to the Cadder Pit disaster mentioned earlier: there are two bogies loaded with coal, and a clock set at the time the fatal shift went down. Identical barred tunnel entrances on each side of the travel destination are for the big Loch Katrine to Glasgow water supply pipeline which dives below the travel destination at this spot.

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