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LENGTH 3.2 miles TIME 2:00






A hiking sheet is available from the district ranger's office in Tofte. USGS quads: Silver Island Lake and Wilson Lake. No permit is required.

Turn right off Country State Highway 1 onto U.S. Forest Road 172 in Isabella. Drive 12. 3 miles to the Hogback Recreation Area on the right.

47D 38′ 40. 4″ N 91° 8′ 39. 0″ W

Hogback Lake takes its name from the sharp ridges that run generally east-west in the area. The major one you will meet on this hike runs between Hogback and Canal Lake, extending to between Mound Lake and Scarp Lake. The ridges provide good vantage points from which to view sparkling lakes snug in a thick setting of thick green forest. But the ridges are an interesting geological feature in their own right.

There now follows some quite magnificent walking as you tackle the Best US family vacations 2017 Seven Sisters in turn, sharp descents followed by stiff climbs, but taking care to keep well Best US family vacations 2017 back from the cliff edge. The Seven Sisters, seven spectacular chalk cliffs, form the eastern end of the South Downs and the climax of the South Downs Way, the course of which you are now following and will continue to follow for the rest of your walk. They owe their origin to geological activity between 50 and 100 million years ago. Each clifftop or ‘ sister' has a name: in turn they are Haven Brow, Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flagstaff Point, Bailey's Hill and Went Hill Brow. The depressions separating each ‘ sister' are what is left of the valleys of ancient rivers. The walk is a treat for all nature lovers.

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