Best Travel Destinations With 2 Year Old

Best Travel Destinations With 2 Year Old

Steve Allen, Managing Director, WEXAS Tailor-made Travel: “Luxury is a much overused term. One traveler’s luxury is another’s ordinary. True luxury is a great travel experience, enjoyed in relative comfort.”

Hear that? You, too, can have a great travel experience in any travel category you might be in, once you enjoy yourself and believe that you are travelling in comfort which is a relative thing, e.g., you can be a backpacker in India; and, feel quite comfortable backpacking there.

You would be enjoying comfort relative to that of a wealthy person who is travelling by limousine and staying in a 5-star hotel; for, in life, all things are relative.

Every time I cruised, I was ever so happy that I had managed to make the trip. Even if, at times, it meant being allocated a cabin near to the engines, I still felt pretty happy about it. It was still luxury travel for me.

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Maybe, the wealthy person in a top floor luxury suite was not as contented and satisfied as I was. I never wasted any time considering whether that might be so or not. I was too busy enjoying myself, doing it my way.

Really, on the cruises, I was so happy enjoying myself in my own, inimitable style – that is, with the attitude of a king, though on a very tight budget, with little money – that I felt I should show it by singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

I was no Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole; but, I wowed the crowds with my courage, confidence and style. I even did so at the all-inclusive Occidental resort in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, and the one spanning two islands in Cuba’s archipelago.

I still relish the honour conferred upon me of being asked to sing “My Way” at the Punta Cana resort during the weekend dance in the great house for the guests. I did a stanza or two; and, received a loud ovation.

It was travel that prepared and emboldened me. It catapulted me into situations I never dreamed about as a poor, young, barefoot boy in Anguilla.

It can happen to you too, if you believe; then, decide, prepare and budget. You can travel and feel like a celebrity or royalty; and, nobody would know how close you are to being a pauper, only you, yourself!

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