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On this week’s We Hear, grab your tent and a bag of marshmallows, we’re going to summer camp. Remember the blissful days of camp, when you spent your time jumping into a lake, telling ghost stories, and giggling around a fire? Responsibilities and adulthood used to mean that we couldn’t go back to camp for a week or two and relive those golden days of carefree fun. But today’s adults have found a way to live like a kid again. We think you should get in on the fun, no matter the season. Adult camps run year-round, and pack the fun of our childhood sleep aways, but with a nightly open bar and lax bedtimes. Embrace the fall season by taking a trip to Soul Camp California, the adult sleep-away camp for the soul. Experience four life-changing days of pure unadulterated fun, while squeezing in a little soul-searching. The camp takes place at Wonder Valley in Sanger, California, about 3.5 hours from San Francisco and LA. At Soul Camp, adults take part in fear-burning ceremonies, strength and cardio exercises, meditation, paddleboarding, and more.

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When the weather gets cold, it can be easy to fall victim to the winter blues. A trip to Core ski camp could be just what the doctor ordered, which takes place in Whistler, Canada and guaranteed to improve your skiing ability and provide you with the fun-filled 1 to 12 weeks experience. You’ll stay in rider houses, which are fully furnished, cozy villas. And while the program attracts 18 to 40 year olds, they’ll assign villas according to your age group, so you’ll have housemates you can relate to. Spring Break isn’t just for crazy college kids anymore. Take a much-needed break at the Shaka Beach Retreat in Costa Rica for a five to seven day surf camp. Enjoy daily surf lessons, yoga, and relaxation on the Hermosa Beach. Enjoy the natural aspects of camp, but with a luxurious twist. You’ll stay in a private via with a private bathroom, hot water, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, plus a personal hammock on the beach. These seasonal camps sound great.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out and pick up a new hobby? But if you’re really feeling the nostalgia for camps of your childhood, you’ll need to check out Camp No Counselors. It’s the camp for adults that has everything you missed about being a kid. You can do arts and crafts, paddleboarding, capture-the-flag, ziplining, and more. There’s even friendship bracelet weaving, because what’s camp without sporting a few bands of yarn on your wrist? Just don’t forget the sunscreen, because no one misses the burns of our youth. That’s it for this week’s We Hear. Travel Savvy and we’ll see you next time!.

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