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It was a lovely image of moving house. To keep Hong Kong Metro Map out of harm’s way, young children sometimes rode with their father, and in the general Hong Kong Metro Map mill of action I saw several women on horseback, controlling their difficult steeds without apparent effort. t Splitting into family groups, they laid claim to the hillocks and raised banks of the dry river, and began to unpack. At each chosen plot the quantity of possessions grew into large heaps, in which round-faced children played tumbling games until ordered to stop by their elders. Another popular but disapproved of game was playing horse-riding on the saddles which sat on the ground. Their tall pommels, high backs and cloth or sheepskin padding made them a comfortable ride.

MTU ARCHiVES and Copper Country HiSTORiCAL Collecton,

Once the dead were laid to rest the search for the guilty began. Inquest testimony was clouded. A few people thought the man who yelled fire was wearing an Alliance button and others disagreed. Adding to that, no one recognized the man. There were also conflicting statements about what he looked like and wore.

Blame was thrown back and forth. To this day the man remains unidentified and the reason for his actions a mystery. Eventually the strike was resolved, but the town would never be the same, nor would the union.

Thousands followed the funeral procession.

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