So today we’re doing a bit of an experiment now Parker and.

I are both from Vancouver. And there’s one thing Vancouver is no boat Vancouver is that there’s like a million show a billion Starbucks is really on every single corner. So we wanted to test this theory out broader GoPros.


And we’re gonna go on foot. And see how many we can hit in the downtown core in what 10 minutes. And we’re not hitting the same Starbucks all hitting completely different ones okay, but it by the way, this is not a sponsored post we’re just really curious we haven’t totally reviewed our footage yet, but, this is what we’ve concluded yeah.

I’ve had about ten Abby has hit also also ten yep. I was about 16 minutes it looks like on the end. And we’re thinking.

I’m 14 yeah. So we’re gonna average it out comfortably. We’ll say we hit 20 Starbucks 30 30 minutes you’re ready if you did 30 minutes of running, you hit 20 servers yeah, you ran well the results of our experiment are overwhelmingly starbuck lots of coffee the other coffee places even our coffee places the included coffee places even beyond the conclusion there’s a lot of Starbucks in Vancouver that was our intro to we conclude with the intro we have a, it’s affirm we approve this period a serious confirm thank you.

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