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1933 South Blvd., 704/343-2727, HOURS: Daily 4 P.M.-2 A.M.

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There is nothing pretentious about this neighborhood staple. It bills itself as an Irish pub, but there are no bangers and mash or steak and kidney pie on the menu. Guinness might be the most Irish staple in the entire pub (it’s on tap for just $3 a pint). The beer selection is decentBoddingtons, Bass, Harp, Newcastleand the food is pure pub grub. There are DJs and live music on the weekends (and traditional Irish music on Wednesday night) but it’s not a pretentious club scene; the vibe is much more casual. The best seats in the house are on the patio.

1621 The truce that has existed between Spain and the Netherlands Beijing Map Tourist Attractions expires, prompting a renewed Dutch interest in gaining an even larger share of maritime and colonial trade Beijing Map Tourist Attractions at the expense of Spain. To this end, in June, the Dutch West India Company is incorporated; it will begin operations in 1623. 1624 In the spring, the Dutch West India Company settles some thirty Walloon (French-speaking refugees from the southern Low Countries) families at Fort Orange (present-day Albany) on the Hudson River. This is the first settlement of the New Netherland colony. 1626 Peter Minuit, the first director general of New Netherland, arrives at Manhattan Island in May. Minuit will purchase the island from its resident natives for goods worth some sixty Dutch florins. Each party seems to have interpreted the transaction differently, however, with the natives envisioning Minuit’s bargain as one for the use rather than the exclusive possession of the land. Minuit, however, names the settlement New Amsterdam, and it becomes the colony’s principal settlement. Reversing its initial policy of dispersing settlements, the company decrees that settlers will be concentrated here, while outposts like Fort Orange will be limited to a handful of licensed traders. By 1628, there will be approximately 270 European residents of Manhattan Island, while Fort Orange will be home to only fourteen traders.

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