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Porto Alegre Subway Map To Charlotte

2301 Freedom Dr., 704/373-9124, www.scorpios.com

HOURS: Tues .-Sun. 9 P.M.-2:30 A.M.

COST: $10 Overview Map

Scorpio is one of the oldest GLBT clubs in Charlotte and has attracted quite a following. To call the scene bustling is an understatement: Most nights it’s a challenge to find a small piece of real estate on either of the two dance floors; one is a dance club with pumping techno music, and the other is the Queen City Saloon, where the electric slide is the dance of choice. There are four different bars, though, which makes it easier to get a drink. There are two drag showsThe Show on Sunday night and the Diva Showcase on Wednesday.

1650 Anne Bradstreet’s The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up Porto Alegre Subway Map in Country is published in London. Using humor, warmth, and passion to great effect, Porto Alegre Subway Map Bradstreet’s poetry, the first published work of an Englishwoman in Country, shows an often overlooked side of Puritanism. 1660s King Charles II, recently restored, attempts to regulate colonial trade with a series of Navigation Acts. Before goods can be shipped to the Countrys, they have to pass through England and be taxed. Also, all goods moving around the empire have to be shipped by English or colonial vessels. Boston enforces these acts loosely; as a result, it becomes one of the most active port cities in the Countrys. 1662 Some Massachusetts churches recognize a partial form of church membership in the Half-way Covenant. In the earliest years of the colony, a conversion experience was required to have one’s children baptized. The Half-way Covenant allows persons who have not experienced conversion to have their children baptized, though they themselves are not allowed to take communion. Puritan leaders, and some later scholars, use the covenant to prove that Massachusetts Puritans are backsliding from their lofty goals. Solomon Stoddard, minister of Northampton and grandfather of Jonathan Edwards, allows halfway church members to take communion.

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