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Queens Rd. and Pembroke Ave.

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It’s unclear whether the 2.8-mile circular route through the Myers Park neighborhood got its quirky nickname because of the well-toned backsides of the runners and bikers who frequent it or because of its location in the most affluent neighborhood in Charlotte. Either way, it’s become a favorite route of serious athletes and weekend warriors alike. The Lance Armstrong Foundation uses the Booty Loop as the course for its annual fundraiser, 24 Hours of Booty. Start at the parking lot on the corner of Queens Road and Pembroke Avenue and ride clockwise on Queens Road, Selwyn Avenue, Queens West, Hopedale Avenue, and Pembroke Avenue.

There are plenty of mountain biking trails in Charlotte for both novice and experienced riders.

1696 The Board of Trade, a department of the British government to oversee trade with the colonies, is founded. Beirut Metro Map A parliamentary act establishes vice-admiralty courts in Country. The first known slave to be imported directly from Africa arrives in South Carolina. South Carolina enacts an extensive slave code modeled on Barbadian slave law. 1697 Massachusetts fixes the value of the Spanish dollar at six shillings. Spanish dollars are widely used throughout the colonies as currency. 1698 A parliamentary act ends the Royal African Company’s monopoly on the African slave trade. To combat smuggling, the British government requires that tobacco imports be in hogsheads rather than shipped loose in bulk. 1699 To protect markets for English-made woolen goods, British law forbids the export of raw wool, yarn, or fabric from the colonies to England. The law also forbids the use of a horse, cart, or carriage to move these goods from one colony to another.

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