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Confession has long been an integral part of their legal procedure Taiyuan Metro Map , and no court-case is complete without one. As a whole, the manners Taiyuan Metro Map and integrity of the Chinese nation seem remarkable, and as I settled down for the night on the train I felt secure in the feeling that no one would try to steal anything. Dunhwang is sixty miles from the railway. I had to get there from a one-bus-a-day halt called Liuyuan and of course I missed the bus. So I started to hitch. It was noon and for two hours the only vehicle that passed me was an ice-lolly seller on a bicycle.

We left in the early morning hours to investigate the Calumet Theater in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Kat and I would be going solo on this hunt and not joining another team. Certainly this was not the first investigation we would do on our own but was one of the more complex. There would be a lot of ground to cover for two people.

Lost in our thoughts, we were unusually quiet during the long road trip. Our somber mood wasn’t from the theater’s supposed cadre of spirited entertainers but rather the Italian Hall Disaster of December 24, 1913. Let’s go back in time to Calumet’s early days.

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