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The problems of doing business in developing countries always seem greater Tianjin Travel than one would expect. My Hong Kong friends were thrilled by the sight of so many Tianjin Travel sheep, and the lambs, and they sang all the way home in the bus.

Our destination was Tianjin, which suited me because it was where I had left the bulk of my luggage. TAER’SI PILGRIMAGE One reason why I hadn’t minded missing Lhasa was because I knew that the most important lamasery in Qinghai had recently been opened to visitors.

It was by coincidence that I heard about it, since I’d been trying to trace a lamasery called Kumbum which is mentioned in several old accounts as having been a seat of wisdom and learning. It ranked third among Tibet’s most sacred monasteries and once housed more than 3,000 monks in an isolated place, remote from any modem travel routes.

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