A Cairo Fairytale

Hey guys today, I’m going to be exploring a little bit of Cairo I found this Avenue somewhere in Cairo that it’s just full of books just cause I want you to yuppies just come down these stairs into kind of this stone tunnel, and it’s inside the church the church has been built on top of it supposedly where Jesus actually lived for a year when you as a child there was first the Pharaohs, and their religion of ancient Egyptian religion, and then there was Greek, and then Roman, and then actually Egypt was the site of early Christianity. So it was actually Christian before it was Muslim there are still churches in Egypt, and they are very well respected, and cared for some Roman ruins here just walking along walking through kind of the courtyard of another Church right now heading up to salad in sports right now he was a great Muslim king who fought against Richard the third during the Crusades the son of Eleanor retained this board is huge all the way look at this behind me apparently all of the alabaster stone that was used to build it was actually taken from the pyramids which pretty sad I think they should have just cause please now here in the alabaster mosque it is so peaceful I don’t think that I can really show you even how in thumbs.

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Because it’s just all around you you have to off your shoes to walk inside. So smooth, and white very very peaceful in 1845 Egypt actually gave France, and obelisk which is now in Paris I’ve actually seen it, and in return France gave them this clock. But the clock only worked for five minutes, and that’s it, and they’re still trying to fix it, and figure out how to restore it. But since 1845 it has never worked I think we’re gonna go inside oh my gosh it looks like a fairy tale in here Just Cause seem. So far voltages come this is just like pure magic in here I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place like this before here outside the mosque this is a view of all of Cairo leaving now. But oh my gosh that was amazing inside the mosque was just absolutely magical this view it’s awesome favorite place in Cairo. So far than I’ve seen I have just sent in a bunch of churches synagogue a mosque the thing that is really cool here, and that I don’t think people really talk about is that Egypt is very very accepting of all of the religions.

So you’ll see synagogues churches mosques all together, and everyone is very accepting of the others religion they live completely in peace side-by-side the Egyptian guy that is kind of showing us around today was telling us that in his town once the Christian Church was destroyed closed off half of the mosque, and they divided it down the middle, and they let the Christians come, and pray in their mosque just as a kind thing to do while they are fixing their church. Because they think that everyone should have the right to pray, and yeah they just kind of live in peace together, and there’s not any sort of animosity between them which i think is amazing, and they’re just very accepting which is how it should be. So it was great to hear now my streets very busy lots going on, I’m headed to the market right now this area right here is another one it’s like a never-ending maze of just color, and beautiful thing spatially don’t know what this is look like coffee. But it’s not what is it what is this happy what is so guys those remind adventures around Cairo today hope that you enjoyed as for why I decided to call this post a Cairo fairytale I just kind of wasn’t expecting the feeling that I got from Cairo to be sort of magical, and I knew it was going to be crazy, and busy, and crowded, and that’s kind of what I was expecting more than the beautiful kind of craziness of it if that makes any sense, and then also just about how the mosque, and the churches, and synagogue all exist together in just this small area, and everyone is so lovely, and accepting, and that’s just should definitely be practiced more in the world. So yeah I just that’s the feeling that I got from Cairo as always I have more posts in Egypt.

So many more coming up thanks for reading bye.

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