Hey guys hello. And welcome to this post. I need better intros.

I really really do. I want to talk to, you guys about VidCon they can’t hurt of it maybe maybe not. I’m gonna tell, you about it this weekend.

I was in LA for vid college’s annual conference for post creators like myself it is the largest one in the world um, it’s held to the convention center in anaheim we’re like 12 to eight thousand people come to celebrate everything that is online posts. So last year at VidCon. I attempted to vlog it for, you and I failed. I really horribly failed last year because vick on is a bit insane there’s. So much stuff happening kennels shows bulls meetings ah booths that a word sure why not it is a word, it’s a word what am.


I talking about this year well. I attempted to walk again. And again failed at its but.

I did phone some clips for you. So. I’m gonna do a little bit of a recap of what happened at VidCon doesn’t stay at VidCon no it doesn’t stay at VidCon it goes all over the internet.

So one of the things that, you can do in a giant convention expo hall is there is this Jenga like where’s a gigantic block of Jenga st. ollie that is all giant jenga is over what’s a jimmy fallon lip-synching booth like, you know when they do the lipstick challenges. So we did that one all.

I do is win no matter what money pretty much never want to hear fantasy again because it was playing non-stop Nancy’s back on once again yeah no idea was it on him never heard the song have, you heard the song never, it’s not really like a million times here name was so I could like going download it so I could listen to it on repeat there was a lot of parties that happened um where alcohol was consumed good times so.

I participated they called fear pong. I don’t know why why said yes to this. I’m a yes person.

I say yes to things. And then. I regret why.

I ever said yes to it in the first place. I don’t know eating weird food on stage like beer pong, but with weird foods why don’t say is that who says yes to that apparently. I do a topper Tony box literally grasshopper dating she didn’t even flinch she likes it oh yeah all right not that bad guys grasshoppers cracked open if you want to know what it looks like picture like this black ball of jell-o oh are, you dying he smells it all lines up oh they’re both runs here is it here there’s a lot more footage of me eating weird things, but um unfortunately my lovely friends that.

I gave my camera to film to did it thanks guys also ended up eating a hundred year old rotten egg a horseradish crickets grasshopper. And rotten tofu yeah that wouldn’t. I think that one texture-wise was definitely the weirdest.

I ate a live worm libor. I didn’t swallow. And though no no mmm no yeah.

I did attend one panel it was the how to vine panel amazing. I just want to do vine because. I six seconds.

I can do comedy for six seconds, you guys put up with me for like 35 minutes sometimes imagine only having to do it for six seconds. So much better. So much better.

So please follow me on mine please do I’ll leave it here oh oh hi Nash hey how’s it going hey a big fan six out, you yeah yeah there this is. So good. So awkward guys one day.

I will be a cardboard cutout one day, but until then. I’m just gonna move away from the car boat cut out to people I’m. So fencing, you already know.

And that’s the end of this beauty post or Tuscany Tour of Italy. So yeah, this is our first stop its multiple blog. ?

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