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Ninemile Lake Campground


0.0 The hike begins across County Road 7 from the campground entrance. If you are not staying at the campground, you will find parking near the boat ramp. The trail ascends gradually from the start through a forest of white birch, maple, and balsam fir. In about 455 feet continue straight ahead across a snowmobile trail going right and left.

0.2 Pass an overgrown trail on the left.

0.3 Bear right, passing an unmarked trail on the left.

0.4 Intersection with the snowmobile trail again; turn right and follow it for about 20 feet and then bear left as the snowmobile trail continues to the right. The trail ascends a ridge, makes a sharp turn to the right, and continues to ascend gradually along the ridge with a valley on the right.

0.6 An overlook on the right provides limited views of the valley.

The trail begins to descend gradually beyond this point.

0.7 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike; turn right and descend into the valley. White birches and balsam firs become more common and the maples less frequent.

0.9 Cross a bridge over a small stream flowing into a beaver pond on the right. Afterwards, the trail ascends gradually onto a broad, maple-forested ridge. Notice the birches growing in clumps around the remains of old stumps. The hiking through this open maple forest is pleasant, like a walk through a city park.

1.9 The trail turns north.

2.3 The trail begins to bear in a westerly direction and shortly begins a gradual descent.

2.5 A small pond comes into view through the trees on the left.

2.9 Cross a small stream on a three-board bridge. The trail is rocky at this point. Eventually it bears right, ascends a ridge, and travels back into maples once again.

3.5 Trail intersection completing the circuit portion of this hike. Continue straight ahead passing the trail on the left that began the circuit.

3.7 Pass the overlook on the left.

3.9 Intersection with the snowmobile trail. Follow it for about 20 feet and then bear left onto the hiking trail.

4.2 Cross the snowmobile trail for last time.

4.3 Reach County Road 7 and the trailhead.

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