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Collaborations good hi guys what’s up um welcome to Travel Tips beginner Travel Tips with knitting.

And Rachel hey everybody. I know while, you are thinking about doing some travels. And myself.

And Rachel are what take pretty experience we travel we travel we like to travel yeah. So we want to give, you some advice as tips to help, you on your way. And to um yeah get, you yesterday.

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So where to begin um. So if you’re stinking of traveling or seeing any Jews obviously do a little bit of research um people get intimidated at first, you guys the world is big, you have to pick a place yeah, you don’t pick a place um. I would say quick things that, you could do is um just search online like read travel blogs they’re amazing there’s a lot of advice.

I personally like to ask my friends where they’ve gone. And whoever has the best place. I go there cuz that’s fantastic cuz, it’s your friends they know what, you like and, you know what they like.

So, you know, it’s gonna fit where the mouth yeah amazing okay money, you need it yeah traveler’s checks, it’s not really thing anymore don’t do it attacks in general are not a fan no they’re not any. So if anyone tells, you to get checks or trial chicks don’t do it that’s wrong money belt that does not, it’s just a dad fanny pack ya know don’t know it. I like to keep a couple different like methods of payment yeah I’ll need like cash debit credit card yeah.

And if you’re really scared about someone pickpocketing, you keep something in every different pocket separate your money don’t keep it all in one spot food. I love food. I do too and.

I hate when I go somewhere in the foods bad, but, you oh no once, you try it yeah. I try all the food whenever.

I go sometimes. I always ask what like that city or state or whatever what they’re known for what food they’re known for and. I always get it that’s really good cuz it will always blow your mind cuz they’re known for that which means, it’s good yeah yeah just ask around ask ask the place you’re staying asking the local restaurants that’s, it’s what you’re gonna find out like knit the usual of a conch-shell.

So, you can ask them. And they’ll tell, you also when you’re traveling make sure to bring snacks because airport food is expensive yeah. And gross.

So bring your own snacks packing the worst, you are probably going to over pack on your first travels yes you’re gonna weigh over pack should just cut it just take what you’re in pack cut it in half you’re not, you don’t need the ballgown, you don’t need 12 bathing suits yeah, you don’t need all of your favorite dresses you’re probably gonna wear the same thing every day where woods come for another day yeah that’s. And also roll your clothes safety, you safety first trouble with the bunny hd2 or are, you traveling a load traveling populated areas like yes dark alleys are not the place to go no everywhere, you go there’s gonna be like sketchy areas yeah. So try to find out where those are.

And then. I book them do not go there um. And then just be self aware just always be like self aware yeah there, you are what situation you’re in who you’re with someone looks sketchy across the street.

And, it’s like a scary movie don’t go into the basement in the dark by yourself making Fred my number one tip for making friends is, you have to put yourself out there, you ask to just be like hi open. I mean talk are, you know let’s be Fred let’s do something like, you have to take the first step because. I find that most people they’re scared they’re doing they’re intimidated.

And they don’t want to they might want to be your friend, but they just don’t know yeah. I just feel like you’d oh we don’t know what they don’t probably don’t to be my friend hello no how do, you know they don’t want to be your friend until, you like. And go up.

And ask them then if you talk to them in a short with, you then they’re not your friend, you don’t want them in your life anyway, but making friends on a trip is really awesome because it can make the trip so much better. And the town’s.

So much more fun. And then, you get cool travel friends yeah like probably different places in the world yeah then, you can go to like the local spots wherever you’re at cuz. I know they got all the business yeah finding things to do c the internet is good for this man is very good same with the hotel concierge do the activities they’re fun my favorite places.

I’ve traveled to because. I did awesome activities like a Toronto. And what’s the best aquarium ever there it was a awesome dude what come on what’s wrong all query up.

And blew my mind don’t just go sightseeing yeah be active yeah overcoming fears just do it, it’s gonna be scary like, you mind if you scared you’re gonna be uncertain you’re gonna not know what the heck, you are doing okay that’s part of being human rookie errors rookie errors oh there’s so many there’s a lot of them, but, you just you’re gonna you’re gonna do it my god. I can’t tell you, but you’re gonna probably do it anyway, but, you gotta learn to experience.

And then. We’ll make this one cares you’re gonna get to the airport late you’re gonna have that stuff in your bag that, you know I’d have you’re gonna forget to book something you’re gonna go somewhere and. I go.

I don’t have a hotel whoops yeah don’t like overbook yourself like where are when you’re planning your day like don’t be like. I’m gonna do this. And this.

And this. And this cuz you’re not gonna be able to do all that no there, you go so. I hope, you guys have got some like good tips or at least some.

I’m sure there’s at least a tip in there that yeah you’ll find, you can use one of them or inspired, you to travel because traveling saw something, you should do it amazing awesome well thank, you guys so much for reading. And thank, you Rachel for joining me on time having me.

And giving some amazing tips uh go check out Rachel Channel, it’s she’s freaking hilarious oh honey that mean well thank, you like New Yorker you’re like nah yeah. I just yell. I get mad at things someone just stomped on the roof click.

And we also found the post over her blog. So go check it out Oh awesome she goes on into travels yes Buon Giorno. And welcome to Rome.

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