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To prevent the mules from kicking they used their traditional blacksmith’s China outdoor holiday sling, which is a raised ridge pole with two ropes around the mule’s girth and haunches China outdoor holiday so its weight is suspended and it cannot run anywhere. One back leg is tied to the back support pole and to stop a mule from biting the smiths tie its halter tightly to the front support.

When it’s neatly trussed up, the smith gets on with fitting the thin shoes and cutting the hooves to match; nails in and twist, cut and hammer it smooth, quick and dexterous, the same as my local blacksmith in England. In the evening I went for a bike ride outside the town and got lost in the wheatfields as twilight faded into darkness. The bike had no lights. Even when I found wide paths to ride along I was unnerved to meet donkey carts bowling along at a smart trot.

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