Trying Greek Food Exploring The Acropolis

Hey everybody how you guys doing today we have woken up nice, and early it is just after 8 a.m. when the Acropolis opens we’re going for a bit of an explore. Because we thought we’re in Athens, and we need to see all the ancient sites Queen has joined us jess is here, and yeah let’s go show you the Acropolis welcome to the Acropolis everyone it’s kind of cool the army are just raising the flag just behind us Sun is beating down it is only like tiny part aid, and it is so hot I don’t know why you want to come here on midday, I’m 14 welcome to the Pantheon I think it is guys welcome to the Pantheon guys the Acropolis is actually the collection of all these different buildings up on top of Greece it’s really cool. Because unlike a semi like the mountain or a hill, and then the Pantheon home the Bartha dot you guys have to tell me which one to do is of course the main building unfortunately few hundred years ago some idiots decided to still gunpowder here, and then a war happened, and blue adopts of this isn’t like ruins.

Trying Greek Food Exploring The Acropolis Photo Gallery

Because of time ruins that someone decided with some gunpowder during wartime in such a beautiful way which is a shame. But it still looks really cool in person we’ve been here just for an hour, and already like the crowds are starting to come I would definitely suggest you guys come here at 8 a.m. even though it couldn’t pronounce it correctly before I am a huge Greek mythology fan I just loved it I wish in school they taught it to us going back in time, and makes sense. Because of course it’s make-believe. But I just started. So fascinating for the Greek gods, and everything the Acropolis area was built for Athena the goddess, and of course the city was named after her as well.

But it’s so nice to be here I love coming to ancient the Acropolis gives the amazing views of the city we’ve got a watch tower there which we’re going to go show you a bit later we’ve got a bit of amphitheatre here with some more ruins just over there. So yeah that is the view of Athens it is so beautiful up here Friday mornings photo mission is complete we’re now walking down the cute little streets back to our hotel the street from plaka up to acropolis are really really cute it’s like this super colorful, and stuff, and we are now on the lookout on the way back for a cute cafe to find a freddo coffee we’re currently obsessed freddo mission Preda mission complete this is your traditional Greek breakfast have a Fredo coffee, and grab what are these rings they do sweet ones. But I think it’s too early in the morning we want to fit for savory long a corn cake it Athena I have no clue the ad has come to this local standard here on the side of the story good wholesome breakfast did all right guys we come to a miracle basically beautiful all righty guys new hotel room tour oh it does look cool first of all we’ve got like a gold basin with gold taps as well ours place is huge I think this is the first way to always say that, and we have a bed together having singles oh yeah, and then this is the retail from yeah oh wow the way they designed this is super cool, and then we have yeah a little basin just here more mirrors over here I love the wood, and the gold look that they’ve gone for in here, and then we have our bathroom like I said this place is just huge shall we the room, and models room model, and then we have a gold shower or do the other places. So nice I just love the design it’s like modern mixed in with some art as well shall we see the view yeah, I’m sure it’s one of these let’s cool we’re still in the area I can see the Acropolis oh okay just behind you how cool ah clear easily can we right in the window in the area oh. So like our biggest selling point for each other is just the view Wow look at the street we’re in they. So cool.

But well it’s very nice hello awesome. So we here for the next two days I literally need one of these in my house I copy on top okay the tracklist continued we have a new wedding guest has that has arrived I feel like is this what Hanukkah is likely a new system present every single day my cousins from South Africa have arrived Kaylee, and Ricky which you guys have actually seen a few times it is crazy we don’t even 15 years when we move in South Africa to Australia, and then we bêlit early seen them everything you, and Christmas Day we’re at Katie’s wedding, and we revisited like the clock to go over six months is less than we thought yes, and they Haley’s birthday I got a little cake when we going to go, and paper out down yeah we’re going to go out for dinner, and Kaylee super-healthy she’s like a model for Reebok, and let the middle is real. So we’re breaking that die stay sorry we’re breaking your diet if your birthday you need the cake. So happy birthday how are you very well thank you thank you I didn’t even think about it, and it’s just. So cool that we don’t be together today yeah, and for your birthday ah the district or we went up to a bar which is called a passenger one of the best views of cocktail go check it out we didn’t stop there. Because we’ve some opportunities tailing forsake you know we all like a vegetarian I can great-tasting playfully stop out, and I can remember the other name. But it’s all Greek, and apparently Ricky’s automatic over that looks like lasagna, and why have you gone for the healthy option Kaylee if your birthday.

So the way that is brought over, and shot for us maybe cause it’s Kalei birthday Briscoe said it don’t want this either it’s nothing sorry is everyone okay you see yeah, I’m gonna go. But look good yeah happy birthday Kaylee good wait wait wait got to do that you go, I’m sorry oh yeah we got the camera Instagram story yeah okay Chicken Little and.

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