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S. wine industry caught his attention. Then a college Algeria Map freshman in Minnesota, Dooley saw viticulture as a way to combine agriculture and artistry. He eventually Algeria Map earned an enology degree from the University of California, Davis, and worked at legendary Louis Martini in Napa Valley for ten years. He also traveled to Australia and South Africa to work harvests, and became winemaker and general manager at Edna Valley Vineyard near San Luis Obispo. In 1994 Dooley started his own label, Stephen Ross (his first and middle names), at a custom crush winery in Santa Maria.
Jerome Allouc, who had reared my dog team, was taking part in his first important expedition to the Far North. Later he would travel to northern Quebec to train my dogs and accompany me to the Yukon and Alaska, where I wanted to enter my dog team in the hardest race of all, the Yukon Quest, which runs a thousand miles from Whitehorse to Fairbanks. Pierre Michaux, a member of our Alaska expedition, was returning to the Far North, which he had known only in the summertime.

Our crew was good, and so were our dogs. We made excellent progress through Finland and on the Kola Peninsula, traveling fifty miles a day on beautiful hard trails, packed down by the snowmobiles of reindeer herders. It made excellent training for the full year’s expedition for which I was then preparing.

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