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Hello guys. And welcome back to my how to travel guide welcome to the travel guide that talks about actually traveling yes getting to.

And from place to place. So typically the longer that, you have for travel the more cheaper your transportation methods can be because, you can just take longer to get there and, you can pick the cheapest ways Airlines planes are the most expensive form of transportation, but generally they are the quickest just really do your research look out for deals, you can a can’t escape this cost when you’re going like long international destinations make sure, you check out budget airlines there are a variety of them. And there they aren’t what they sound like budget airlines they are no frills no they’re not really luxurious the really basic nothing special to them.

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And they also like to cancel. And get delayed on, you how really not the best customer service, but their cheap airfare they get, you from A to B though, it’s supposed to be like a choo-choo. I feel like North American don’t really know trains properly that’s my thought now train travel can be as luxurious or as budget as, you like that’s why they generally have a class system.

So, you can buy like different classes for the different types of trains or destinations that, you are going to a word of caution though when picking out kind of your budget levels for train tickets if you are traveling at any kind of less westernized country, it’s probably not the best idea to go for the cheapest train tickets because those are generally really yeah they really. I would have recommend it also don’t dismiss overnight trains because, it’s a great way to save on accommodation. And if you’re pressed for time, you just sleep through your train ride, it’s not.

And amazing. And then suddenly, you wake up when you’re in another place in Europe they also offer a lot of like passes. So, you can do multiple countries.

And get like really good discounts if you’re planning on doing like a train trip around Europe public transportation yay most major cities will have a metro line or a que subway aka rapid transit some sort of like speedy underground Overground Light Railway sort of system these are the easiest. And generally cheapest way to get to places in those cities. And the beauty of, this is that once, you kind of know how to navigate one of these metro systems they’re the same everywhere around the world just slight differences in like the language they’re also fantastic when you’re in a foreign country that doesn’t speak the language that, you speak.

So you’re looking at all these weird words. And letters. And numbers, you don’t know how to pronounce things leave and, you can’t understand well if you know the name of the stop that, you need to get off that, it’s really simple, you just look for the stop of the line get on the proper line.

And you’ll be there, it’s worth it to look at getting any kind of Metro pass or like date pass or weekly pass to use the subway system learn. And love the ways of the Metro buses well they’re not the best form of transportation or the most accurate or the most luxurious or comfortable, but they are everywhere there are always buses everywhere that, you will go in the world pretty much now the biggest thing of a bus is that. I find is that.

I get really confused about them. And where they. And feel like if.

I hop on a bus, it’s gonna take me somewhere that. I don’t know where and. I will be lost in that case make sure that, you research the bus beforehand know the route that it takes.

And kind of have an idea of where, you need to go don’t be afraid to ask the driver questions if you are confused and, you need to figure out where, this is or that is your going to a popular destination they probably know. And can help, you also don’t be afraid to ask fellow passengers where you’re going if you’re lost you’re trying to find someplace because if they’re from the area they’ll probably know as well backpacker buses no backpacker buses are kind of like a they are they’re generally upgraded buses um sometimes they can be coaches sometimes they aren’t coaches, but they are generally run by a company they’re cleaner. And they have kind of a set route that they go along and.

So most of them not all of them again they marry will allow, you to hop on at certain destinations travel along the bus. And then, you can hop off. And another destination use expensive time there.

And then, you can hop back on the bus. And it kind of just like plan your travels as, you go. And they allow for like flexibility, but they also provide, you with a method of transportation around the country generally backpacker buses are more.

So for longer journeys. So when you’re going farther destinations around a country not typically for like smaller city transportation methods coaches in package tours both coaches again are upgraded bus there are more luxurious they generally have like more coffee or sweets. And they’re run by a company now there are public coaches that, you can take to get to places typically these are like – it from airports or to.

And from other kind of transportation hubs, but there are also the private coaches which come when, you do package tours yes, this is the beauty of doing a package poor is that, you don’t have to worry about your transportation because they provide it for, you they provide to a coach. And you’ll transport on that coach and, you don’t have to worry about getting from A to B all taken care of for, you, it’s wonderful taxis. And cabs now if you must take a taxi.

And there are definitely times when, you travel that, you must take a taxi because, it’s just unsafe or there is no other way to get to a destination here are some words of caution make sure you’ve know the cost of getting to the place that, you want to go before, you get in the cab. So typically if you ask the front desk of the accommodation that you’re staying at they will know the approximate taxi costs to get to any of the locations that you’re trying to get to there are also unofficial taxis that, you might run into while, you are traveling there are just generally citizens of that city that have a car and. We’ll go to the popular taxi destinations.

And offer up their car as a taxi service. I have been in these before. And, it’s an awkward experience, but, you know they’re they’re generally just trying to make money off you.

I would say avoid them if you can, but if you do find yourself in them make sure, you have a negotiated price because generally they don’t have a meter to run for you. So beware those rental cars now, this is not an option that. I typically use, but it is a very popular option in certain destinations like North America for example also if you are traveling in groups.

And, it’s a great way to kind of have that freedom and, you could travel all together in like a smaller vehicle and, you can go to places on your own time. And just whoo freedom with a vehicle all right. So now.

I hope you’ve got a better idea of all the different methods of transportation that, you can use while you’re on your travel. And some tips for using them yeah awesome well thank you so much for reading and.

I will see, you next time. So in today’s episode. I are we talking about accommodations slash where we’re going to live.

And sleep when we’re on the road. ?

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