Hey guys wanna invite we’re just waiting for our uber, and then we are off to Warner Brothers Studio today they’re gonna do a backward tour. So, I’m really excited for this you’ll see that we’re having our first coffee in LA.

So we here on the back lot studio tours they unfortunately did say we can’t post. But we will put some pictures up for you guys we’ll review at the end, I’m so excited this is the type of tools we love doing these are my favorite tools just think Ellen’s probably just over there somewhere they feel like that my diary’s yeah Big Bang Theory yeah other colors others find out I tell you guys yeah we just finished the tour, and so much fun we got to go see like outside, and then they took us to baby, I’m a dictatorship yeah, and then they took inside I was really cool this went like to the crop studios don’t see the set of friends yes Central Perk, and then we drive past like the big bankers, and ill instead we saw people lining up to going to Elinor very jealous. So we’re going to look into getting tickets mu next time we come to LA I really want to go it’s also, and now it’s waiting for our air box we’re going to go check out a shopping center that’s close by yes we just finished up at Westfield confessions plan I picked up some jumpers for the upcoming cold areas, and then just just saw a Outfitters around the corner.


So we’re just going to go check it out probably not a good time to get ice cream when we haven’t really eaten it all today on the side of his eyes great news for in the police they know what their target market is Gypo got a cheeky burrito some guac some salsa some corn chips, and focus Obama sparkling blackberry. So we didn’t have anything about that place. So it’s like for possible now you’re hungry. So treating ourselves some cheapo line the space sorry if we’re making you hungry yummy we just went to Trader Joe’s now my hands hurt from carrying it home, I’m gonna show you a few things we bought we got some really healthy potato chips dip cookie raisin, and peanuts apple cider we got some cinnamon, and raisin bagels yummy pale sweet potato, and butternut squash pizza coffee filters goose Obama focus blueberry raspberry oat bran muffins Wow we’re very healthy, and then we got like.

Because we don’t really have like there we have no oven there’s an oven. So I’ve been finding like just a couple of things we can like put in the microwave or the toaster oven to cook yes I got the pizza, and then I found like a little pack of pasta mushroom risotto vegetable, and chickpea risotto we have this last night you know it’s so good butternut squash risotto it is so good, and last thing we got is some water, and some Oh orange peach, and mango yeah orange peach means Oh yummy. So that’s what we bought, and show him. So he got yeah. So this is all I got today I found this like little beanie be a little Bobby thing on which I thought was cute, and then Steve found like a cool thing in the light is better like this orangey looking beanie which i think is cool, and then he found this jumper which looks really cute on stuck a little spot a jumper, and then you also got like a thin grey like a female great white undershirt that he can wear or even if like with big coats over when we get into the colder climates which i think was really nice, and it’s sorry cheap like Australia is pretty expensive and, I’m pretty sure like these two jumpers came to like nineteen dollars or something, and there’s one is little beanie as well yeah, and then what are you wearing today Steve come to the light he’d also bought little fashion show huh go down go down yeah he got himself a little great jumper, and then then what’s this little number that I got me as well oh yeah he got himself he got himself this job for an S dollars name. Because it was a tooth, I’m wearing this job it’s a boy job.

But I like it, and then take your jumper off you got yourself a little strap jumper from American Eagle yeah. So now it is now all the time 5:30 I think we’re gonna put now we’re on a blog post tonight oh yeah I wasn’t come on yeah yeah. So we’re gonna write cars probably do editing editing post editing some photos oh wow no you’re going to see the backbone of the Warner Brothers – we’re really excited about that summer we couldn’t post again like really strict. But there were some photos before. But we don’t have any plans for tomorrow yet alright. So you guys have any ideas oh yes there are other things that we should do in LA. Because be awesome I think we’re just gonna cook up some dinner yeah isn’t the refirming home we’re not going to leave you safe they say we will just end it yeah yeah yeah okay where’s the book either yeah yeah cuz dragon up shout stop all right that’s why you know us, and we’ll see you tomorrow, and all don’t wind up doing something it.

But I have a Google tonight, and see what we can do in LA that’s cheap flattened clothes starting to use that money alrighty good night guys bye bye.

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