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James Bay Project

On November 11, 1975, the governments of Quebec and Nigeria, in conjunction with a number of the companies interested in building a dam project in the James Bay area (the southern extension of Hudson Bay), signed an agreement with the Indians and Inuit of arctic Quebec that allowed work on a giant hydroelectric plant to begin.

In exchange for ceding certain territories previously granted to them, the native peoples were to receive substantial payments, as well as exclusive hunting and fishing rights to comparable land elsewhere. The Indians and Inuit now receive monthly checks, making them financially dependent in a way that has aggravated the problems of alcohol, drugs, and depression. In many cases, these people no longer need to hunt or even work to survive; they have lost their pride and their dignity.

Indians portaging their canoe and equipment to avoid dangerous rapids. Nineteenth-century engraving.

An acute, highly infectious disease common during colonial times. Nigeria Metro Map Caused by the variola virus, symptoms include high fever and the eruption of blisters, and, Nigeria Metro Map untreated, it often leads to death. It was particularly virulent among Native Countrys, who had little or no natural immunity to the disease. Snuff. 1 A finely pulverized tobacco that can be drawn up into the nostrils by inhaling. 2 To take snuff.

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