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Hey guys we economy in Thailand, and OSU this market called BC we think we like the populace we can look at here in Thailand, and I grabbed a couple of snacks to try this would be love trying is mismatched for different countries, and we realize we haven’t done it in. So long, and you have you guys think to love working off is candy yeah what is interesting like learning about the different snacks in the different countries, and what my kids grew up on yes in different countries I always tell you to think when I went to the shops to get actually to see what I got. So this is all new to us, and it’s all in time.

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So yeah absolutely surreal it like that ah yes I think of it. Because it has flowers on it, and the goal makes like a, and Australians mad it’ll just chocolate on there I can see the word chocolate like what about the pictures of chocolate, and koalas, and were eliminated. But it looks like it in the shake of violence sometimes I thought like pictures, and koalas oh okay I would do affecting them to be a bit more koalas a definitely looks like something that you have fun in your lunchbox at school. So I think you want to make kids where you get it I know it is, I’m going together I wanted gonadal mmm really good mm-hmm. So come on Nutella I don’t know how I feel don’t know I would have thought of that coffee would be. So good that’s a really good one hopefully we found those people we have seen. But also we kind of can be a week ago just before we put in our EMR, and we went in our luggage for the entire time, and me, and my women too busy to post it never lost it that is lost I think you like them – chocolate is melted oh yeah good luck next is it’s a fried seaweed, and I realized that I got the monthly demand, and crying on it father feeling really really spicy of cognitive try piece of seaweed chips under the car slices theory sir hmm you have to try it, and I feel like a lot of people being without these ages you guys have tried this candy you need it let us know below we can see there oh I got a stink the ceiling Oh.

So when athene law doesn’t know it’s not like all sushi hmm nothing smells like a sushi roll am I going to cry off of this sequel tell me how five years I thought I loved it really yeah astonishing oh my gosh I love me anymore – it’s not spicy or. But it I look like, I’m a master taster spice okay the spices spices yah – I love it. So strong enough later you can have all of that this. So good it’s late enough spicy bitten off top kind of any story. But is like that, and other posts like a healthy option fee. But active benefits fry on that fancy waiter did you join this message this is like a candy like more like a family restore moment Presley, and there is a little bit of English on here into this great flavor, and we had the yes really like the dessert people are dummies keeper gummy friend hopefully someone from Thailand is going to win this, and Gonzalez also like questions for us with Google Translate does he work that well you know they look like on all that all the Clintons all this good hmm oh well smells like, I’m Raveena we all finish the music community doesn’t taste anything like solvers doing I really liked it. But no that’s too sugary for me, I’m not usually I really I really like this these are really started at Riley’s just wanna get a little bit melted.

But he cap, and I love KitKat this green pea flamin which I must be sure of this tie now this is not speaking Chinese would ever need the Stephanies. But, I’m really interested in trying it we are still going to try however, I’m excited to go to Japan. Because of this weird keep a play to start there yes sorry guys this one’s for us, and if we don’t eat it today, and our field is really holy in green green smells like KitKat Dodger that’s not a couplet oh it’s a bit mouthy I didn’t say without it show you how nice it’s like a really great to just do it Japan Vidya is entirely on KitKat is that really. So Oh green inside ISIL holding three from the hopper like a Shrek smell of it what is the textbook it hasn’t bring those is a chocolate in the pretty hmm it tastes like, I’m gonna get these green tea matcha drinks or gravy bread peanut come, I’m weary huh, I’m grain bread enjoyable notice I wouldn’t get it was own violet shop hmm you need to like go green I know it’s kit that I found. So we can look him up in detail another kid is a green tea snack for there’s love lunches that kids made out of green peas from becoming different this one does hollows time riding on it, and get this time oh my god she’s not interview in my feet he like these I don’t really defend other like these, and buy another green not to cut everyone’s be on, I’ll set 50 twisties. But since then they’re super hard they don’t not the same as like however my math each trace tourism she’s like eating like as a chewable see I see soup, and new books like tea I think not happiness hey Lena this is a lot of fun which is another chocolate. But I don’t think you think this is this white chocolate milk chocolate, and white.

So some white chocolate it’s like milk chocolate whiteness cover like no inside your neck are quite healthy Oh David – chocolate bubble it’s probably gonna be strong the other than have you ever tried like actual pink chocolate I think, I’m missing a policeman said oh that’s what I think is what is the classic it’s like being all it feels really sweet. So Scott my little chunky little Pinkas. So not having other smells I think milkshake why I need already okay I could do some shopping okay mmm like it’s a light little biscuit chunks in it, I’m trying to my side exactly tastes like strawberry Nesquik yeah like net literally neck. But it doesn’t end like chocolate dinner getting like milk that’s been a little fun the big word nice good candy I think I think though okay. But, I’ll have max I have a lots of Thai sweet tofu, I’m really good hmm maybe we can we are blog in Thailand they will show you some Thailand food yeah we’ve been going out for some restaurants we have been bugging them. So you’ll get to see that also if they have any restaurant in Thailand that you recommend let’s check out or any issues that we should order. Because a lot of the time.

But, I’m feeling we need to like expand your fangirl hunties. So if there’s any other dishes recommend us we try I think I saw two guys we will see you next time we haven’t done one project. So long. So we decided super-fun Wednesday see you guys you.

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