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I placed my hand near her arm and felt a definite coolness then glanced down at the meter. It had rocketed to 4.6. Scott called down, the temperature was up to 87 degrees. Now that was crazy!

EMF reached 4.9 with a temperature of 91 degrees before things settled down.

Lisa and I shared a quick glance. This significant increase in both EMF and temperature levels could indicate a paranormal event was beginning. The sudden rise in temperature was curious. The general theory is that temperatures drop when a spirit enters a room. This is believed to be a result of the spirit drawing energy to itself. It pulls that energy from many sources, including heat from the air, which drops the temperature. In this case, however, the temperature was rising.

We sat in unnerving silence. Waiting. My mind drifted again to the terrible fire. It started in the old barn and traveled to the out buildings on which this new barn was built. Could these rising temperatures be associated with the fire?

Though a disaster for the Campbell family, no deaths were reported, at least no one known. The blaze had been intense, its flames an inferno, and the amount of charred debris in its aftermath massive. Was it possible someone died in the fire and their remains overlooked?

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