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Hey if you are one of those adventure seekers all this on a lookout for an amazing by life experience that includes safari bird-reading adventure trekking camping, and you enjoy watersports then Dan Daly in Karnataka is a place you should be visiting in this post, I’m going to list out a number of activities, and interesting things you can do in Dandeli.

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But before we get started I have a little request if you are new to this blog, and haven’t commentd it yet then please comment the blog to get notified of a future post uploads, and thanks a lot for doing that now let’s get started on the banks of the river Kali in North Karnataka Don Daly is approximately 465 kilometers from Bangalore 125 kilometers from Goa, and 580 kilometres from Mumbai, and can be easily reached by Road Don Daly enjoys a favorable climate throughout the year however the best time to visit Don daily is between October to March during the peak summer season the forest is dry, and the climate is warm monsoons are beautiful with lush greenery all around, and rains pouring almost throughout the day. But leeches are definitely a concern during the season they can be found everywhere in Dandeli winters are the best time to get indulged in all sorts of activities Don Daly offers a range of hotels resorts.

And other kinds of accommodation that can make your trip comfortable some of the best resorts promote eco-friendly river resort tourism allowing travelers to unwind relax, and rejuvenate in the lap of Mother Nature a couple of popular resorts are the old magazine house carnival tennis camp by Sun River Resort Honda River Resort jungle stay nature Ness Resort, and Panthers day the adventure hub of Karnataka Dante Li is renowned getaway for its lush green forests water sports adventure activities, and is excellent for bird-reading specially hornbills let’s begin with water sports rafting in the mighty kali river is among the best in the country sail on the stretches of river kali the rapids provide an exhilarating interlude to enthusiasts the Dante Lee rafting trail stretches for around 12 kilometers, and there is a choice between a nine kilometer run, and a shorter run classified into grade two, and grade three Rapids the Dante river rafting is idle for both professionals, and inexperienced rafters kayaking in Cali River is a pleasure with breathtaking flora, and fauna that surrounds the river offering a picturesque view you can stop to explore the many small islands in rare paddling to the callee river gives you the feeling of being at a sea without waves, and leaves you refreshed, and rejuvenated when not in the mood of rafting or kayaking then jump into a coracle boat, and set out for an adventurous right into the river the right that goes really slow gives you the space, and time you need to unwind watch birds on the trees, and on little bushes that surround the water, and watch crocodiles basking in the Sun on the numerous islets dotting the river the rapids of the river cali offer a rejuvenating massage session that’s not just absolutely free. But is also a disparity dig best grab a fishing rod, and head to the banks to spend a lazy afternoon along the river.

And while you patiently wait for the fish watch a variety of birds chirping around rope river crossing is yet another activity that you can enjoy a done daily to your heart’s content Hey Don daily while life experiences one of its kind experience all the sights, and sounds of the lush forests of Dante Lee with a wildlife safari, and open Gy life Safari into the unchi National Park is thrilling you can spot Black Panthers, and Tigers which is fury luck-based. But spotting Bisons, and Malabar giant squirrels are common to explore the beauty of the woods take a nature walk through bamboo, and teak jungles for ours, and discover the overwhelming beauty of the forest the pleasant weather ensures you don’t get tired a walk through the forest is also believed to be the best therapy, and a natural medicine Dante D is a bird waters paradise you can’t go anywhere without spotting or hearing a bunch of them the Ganesha CUDA forest being home to over 300 species of birds you can easily spot kingfishers blood trongo whistling Malabar thrush agent paradise like culture, and many more yeah besides these Dante D jungle is also home for four species of hornbills outer worlds nine species existence of Hondas in this vicinity indicates the presence of thick forest you can easily spot hornbills in Dandeli enjoying dust paths on the open ground or watch them take flight from one tree to another a hiking through the forest for 30 minutes from the old magazine house.

We’ll take it to the ghanoush goodie hill from there you can enjoy reading the sun’s setting down slowly behind the hill enjoy the panoramic view of the serene backwaters of the super reservoir, and the lush wildlife greenery spread for miles at a stretch take a break from the regular cottages, and three houses, and crawl inside the tents located on the riverbanks, and enjoy the soothing sound of the gurgling river collie flowing beside you an outer camping is an experience that will leave you crave for more Hey apart from these activities Don Tilly has more to offer there are a couple of scenic places that you can visit located in the heart of Donnelly wildlife century Carla caves is known for a naturally formed shivling formed from the deposits of limestone you will love it the naturally formed ship link is the miracle of nature, and should not be missed a drive through the Dante Levi life century will take you to Cynthia rocks it’s the natural formation that you have to see to believe the single 300-foot monolithic grenade wall believe you spellbound the Canadian River flows by it, and there are natural cave formations underneath offering a humbling sight you can spend some moments of tranquility near supadamn backwaters reading the sunset, and enjoying the picturesque view of the surrounding mountains, and beautiful water forget all your troubles, and let yourself loose in the arms of Mother Nature Dante D offers the perfect blend of nature peace, and greenery the rich flora, and fauna the enchanting beauty of hills gushing River sound, and waterfalls breathtaking landscapes dense forests, and alluring adventure activities make Dante Lee a unique holiday destination I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and found it useful give this post a big thumbs up, and share it with your friends, and social media leave us a comment down below, and do comment our blog to get you divided overview – post uploads thanks for reading Hey you.

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